Friday, 24 October 2014


                “She’s such a happy and care-free person”. “He looks like a dropout”. “She has a big fat attitude”. “He seems rich”.

                We humans have a habit of assuming things. It’s so much sponged into us that we do it even unknowingly. The habit of judging others by their looks, behavior or personality, just by glancing at them, is very reprehensible. The funny thing is that we do this all the time but when someone else judges us by some miniscule things, then it sets our teeth on edge.

                A person deserves so much more than this. There can be a number of things hidden in them that we might not know if we don’t just assume. Nature, intelligence, maturity, insight and other vital aspects, which are actually necessary to understand a person, will only be mysteries. We may just miss out on someone because we judged them too fast.

                For example, there’s a girl; who is usually alone, either reading, thinking or listening to music. If she prefers the company of books and music to people, then it doesn't make her anti-social. It just defines her introverted nature. If people misunderstand it as being rude, then she would surely feel bad but she won’t do anything about it because that’s how she is. The point is people should talk to each other instead of being critical. If someone just asks her, then she can tell them that she likes to be that way, that is, quiet and alone. Only then they can know that she is not anti-social or rude. Being judgmental or assumptive is never the answer.

                Our own good or bad perspective judgments are alright as long as we don’t start thinking them out loud along with the crowd. Our negative judgments can also be out of some of our own insecurities which might regress us into getting a bad angle of others. Before forming a rigid opinion about someone, we should keep in mind that we don’t know their life story or what they are going through. We cannot just think about them on what we have seen, that is, the outer appearance. That is exactly like deciding to purchase a house without looking inside of it. A person with a whirlwind inside can fake a smile and joke around. A person with extreme happiness may not show it because it is his own little joy.

                We can always assume the body language but we can never get to know anyone without having an interaction. So, why waste that much time and energy thinking over what might not even be true? I would like to conclude with one of my favorite quotes by Eleanor Roosevelt:

‘Great minds discuss ideas.
Average minds discuss events.
Small minds discuss people.’

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