Monday, 13 October 2014

What Makes Us Who We Are?

               People realize the value of things only when they lose it. We humans have the habit of taking things for granted. We are selfish, most of the times. We don’t care about anyone but ourselves. Sometimes, we don’t even care about ourselves and end up hurt. In that hurtful and sad state of mind, the philosophers inside of us act like the geniuses even we didn't knew existed. We develop theories. We do a thorough thinking over the pros and cons; right from causes to conclusions. And in that condition, we also accept all of our stupid acts and also realize that we should not have done those things or acted in an erratic manner. We also make promises to our inner self of behaving ourselves and not acting insensibly. We assure ourselves that we will never land up in such a scenario again.

                Matter-of-factly, we do behave disciplined for quite an impressive period. Follow the Bible of thoughts that we created and promised to ourselves. But, as time gradually passes, we go back to our earlier lifestyle. It’s like Déjà Vu for some of us who have done this process over and over again. What’s amusing is that we just push our disciplined selves into the most inner part of our minds like where the light never reaches the corner of a cave. Even though our conscience knows this, we ignore it the best we can and behave as if everything is perfect.

                This moment, the fight between the right and wrong versions of our minds, is the deciding factor. Hence, in fact, such small things are usually the big things that make us who we are. The things that make us a better person and help us understand what kind of humans we want to become. Such inner conflicts and a rendezvous with our real minds teach us a lot about our own nature. So, find yourself and have some hearty chats with the real You.


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