Sunday, 23 November 2014

My Quotes.

“It’s not always easy to tell the difference between thinking and looking out of the window”
-Wallace Stevens.

                I read this brilliant quote the other day and I cannot agree more. There are so many instances wherein people have found me looking into distance and most of the times, I am just thinking. Here are some of my thoughts. These are the most random things (the result of looking out of the window) which I also find thought provoking. I like to call them “My Quotes”.

  • People say that my problem is that I don't talk. I say that it's not a problem; it's a choice.
  • The 'putting-yourself-in-other-people's-shoes' thing should have been real. Humans don't understand things unless they go through it themselves.
  • Understanding and agreeing are two very different things.
  • People need to change their first reaction from anger to understanding.
  • At times, the obvious may not be the truth.
  • When you are standing on that slim line between confidence and over-confidence, just 'Fly to the Ground'.
  • Write; because no one has time to listen.
  • It takes a mind to know yourself while a heart to know others.

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