Saturday, 13 December 2014

Taylor Swift

          Today, 13th December'2014 is the 25th birthday of Taylor Swift. On this occasion, I'd like to dedicate this post for her latest album-1989; which I love by leaps and bounds.

          1989 is the fifth album of the singer & songwriter Taylor Swift. Not only is she an extremely talented musician but also a very humble human being. 1989 is her first attempt at pop genre and it couldn't have been any better. 1989 sold 1.2 million copies just in its first week which was a record after 2002. The achievements, awards and recognition she has received thus far for this album requires another 10 pages!
          In 1989, the 7-time Grammy winner, has portrayed her life in an amazing style. Apart from the break-up songs (which are the only thing everyone seems to notice), she has leveled up herself in this pop album. Song tracks like 'Welcome to New York', 'Blank Space' and 'Shake It Off' clearly bring about the changed person she is now. The kind of person who stands up for herself, who believes in feminism, who believes in investing in music and the perfect idol anyone could ask for.
          The first single-'Shake It Off' was a straight up answer to all the obvious rumors and haters. It tells us to live by our own terms, ignoring the hate, heartbreaks, falseness and everyone who tells us that we cannot do it. The 8th track-'Bad Blood' is the wildest song about a frenemy which brings out all the past rage. It signifies the hurt, pain and sadness that one goes through because of a fake friend. The 13th track-'Clean' is one of my favorites. It is a bit sad but the theme, rhythm and the amazing lyrics make it so much more. It is almost impossible to not love this one.
          As we are all aware that Taylor is a lyrical genius, here are some brilliant lines which I absolutely adore.
  • You can want who you want.. Boys and boys and girls and girls. (Welcome to New York)
  • When we go crashing down.. We come back every time. (Style)
  • People like me want to believe you when you say you've changed. (All You Had To Do Was Stay.)
  • Band-aids don't fix bullet holes. (Bad Blood)
  • When you're young you just run.. But you come back to what you need. (This love)
  • They are the hunters, we are the foxes.. And we run. (I Know Places)
  • The water filled my lungs.. I screamed so loud but no one heard a thing. (Clean)
  • And for once you let go of your fears and your ghosts. (You Are In Love)
  • I could build a castle.. Out of all the bricks they threw at me. (New Romantics)
          Taylor Swift is an angel with the combination of cuteness, sass, vocals, beauty and a kind heart. She loves her fans the same way she loves her family and friends. People might talk about her boyfriends and that she only writes about her relationships. For such people, there exist many beautiful songs such as Ronan, Long Live, Fifteen, A Place In This World etc which you sadly missed. She donates a lot for charity. She has her own Music Education Center. You'd never see her indecent pictures because she is just not that kind of a celebrity. She sets a perfect example for her swifties. Her songs have helped so many girls worldwide and she just continues to slay as the years go by. I love her for always being there for me through her songs, for making me believe that it's okay to be different, for encouraging me to do what I love, for creating a love for music within me, for making me a fangirl and for just being herself. (I'd love it even more if she brings the 1989 World Tour to India)
Happy 25th Birthday, Taylor Swift!


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