Thursday, 1 January 2015


          2015. The new year begins today. New 12 months. New 365 days. Days, months and years pass by so fast. Every new year begins with the same passion and thrill of how our lives will unfurl.

          We hear people saying 'New Year, New Beginning' or 'New hopes, new challenges and new life'. The bigger question is 'Is it really a new life?' Just because December changes to January, does our lives also change? In fact, it is only a new year with our same old lives. It is good to be so optimistic in favor of a new life but there are expressions higher than optimism and pessimism. It is realism. Realism is considering the new year as a challenge. Setting up resolutions and staying true to them for an entire year. That is how it becomes a new life, with whole hearted perseverance towards becoming a better person. It is not a one day thing. It is a one-year process.

          So today as I think forward, I have new year resolutions and a set target. I'm going to work through it. Even if it will be a bumpy ride, I know the end will be worth it. Here's to the new year, 2015! Let's make it a great year filled with happiness, prosperity and luck. I wish you great achievements, strong thinking and a fantastic year. Let's make this year count.

Happy New Year! 

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