Saturday, 10 January 2015


          In my opinion, there are two types of people; people who love to travel and people who pretend they don't. There is nothing about it that can make people not want to do it. For me, travelling can be anything between a 30 minutes walk to a 2 day journey to some place. Travelling is something that involves a lot of other interesting things. For example, if it is a 30 minutes walk, then you can listen to music. If it is a 2 day train journey, then you can read a book or knit a sweater. So, travelling is a hobby comprising of many other hobbies.
          Until a few years back, travelling was not something that I looked forward to. It was only a once in a year break from everything. But after I went on the Kashmir tour last year, I was stunned and mesmerized by the whole concept of travel. It was not just a break, it became something much more. It held meaning. Kashmir was by far the most breathtakingly stunning and an aesthetic place I had been. I loved it. Since then, I had a clearer visualization and all of a sudden I wanted to travel the whole world. Every place has its own story and I wanted to travel there, observe people, get to know their stories, absorb the extravagant beauty of that place, make countless memories and then just keep on travelling to the next world awaiting me.
          Every bit of travelling is exciting and adventurous. It starts with packing all the best clothes along with the matching accessories and then ticking off items from the 'Things to shop and pack' list. The transport till the destination is not less fun. Be it a bus, train, airplane or a ship; it is always fun. If you have company then twice the fun, I would say. Once you reach the destination, give it a few minutes unless you are not already in love with it. The thrill of the trip just goes on increasing at such times. Then there is the sight seeing, food and of course, shopping. Sight seeing is everybody's favorite and I am not an exception. The natural places have such amazing attractiveness about them. The valleys, snow-clad mountains, museums, gardens and historical places are all worth a watch. Then the food. It is just mandatory to taste the local food. Not only does it give you a variety but it also tells you about the local people. Then there's always a day kept reserve for shopping. We buy everything from durable food products to the local specialties. And then a few souvenirs for us, friends and family. It just goes on and on.
          Maximum of us travel just as tourists which is the acceptable thing. But in my case, I want to stay at a place for a month or so and actually live their life. I don't just want to go sight seeing but I want to know beyond that. I want to see places and people that are not covered in the stipulated tour. I want to explore the place in real sense and make some cherishable memories. Is it not what brings color to your life?


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