Sunday, 1 March 2015

A day in the life of a Mumbaikar.

          Yesterday, I traveled by train. For maximum people living in Mumbai, it is not at all a big momentous thing. It is something that they do every other day. From home to office or college and back. I, however, use the rail mode of transport  quite rarely. I had to travel to Mahalaxmi with my best friend, Suruchi to collect our tickets for Ed Sheeran's concert which is today. I am not a big fan of trains but particularly today, they did not bother me as much as usual. Plus, it was raining. Some of us just whine about untimely rains or worry about the seasonal cycles but I love it. I love rains, no matter what. So, it was a pleasant day.
          Trains, I have noticed are a fulfilling place for thinking. There are always so many stations to go by, so many people and an abundance of thoughts. There are people going to office. Some are over the phone yelling at their juniors to get the work done. Some are calling at home to check whether every thing is fine. There are those women and men who sell accessories, utility stuff, fruits and other things. Their marketing skills are quite impressive, like the peculiar way they call out. Then there are college going students who are usually listening to music or reading for their exams or standing by the door enjoying the cool breeze. Then there are people like me, who are engrossed in themselves. Train travelling for me is mostly thoughts and observation. I think about possibly all the things. Like yesterday, I started thinking about friends to what-will-happen-in-ten-years thing to the concert to the USA to creative writing and it just kept on wandering. The train of thought is more amusing than the railway trains. There is no end. And when you are a thinker like me, it is a delight.
          Just to take a break from thinking, I started observing the women sitting around me.You have to be awfully careful with that because there is minute difference between observation and staring! I am not Sherlock Holmes but I do like to observe people even if I get no deductions whatsoever. There was a girl accompanying her mother. She was buying her daughter all sorts of things that the vendors were selling. The girl had her hand entwined with her mother's arm. Now, Indian railways are always crowded and everyone is stuck up close to each other. But they were obviously different. They shared a deep and loving bond. On the back end, I have no idea what people might be thinking about us. Suruchi and I had our earplugs in and were listening to Ed Sheeeran. We were also lip syncing. So that is a weird thing to do in public but we do not care much any way. We were just exhilarated about the concert.
          We reached Mahalaxmi in an hour. I felt gleeful as it was raining there as well. We got our tickets. This was my first concert ever and as it was Ed Sheeran, I  was so much excited about it. When I finally got the tickets in my hands, I was so happy. It was bliss. I have been smiling about it ever since. I cannot wait for today's concert. It is going to be the best day of my life!

Our tickets!

I will be back to write about the exclusive concert experience. :)

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