Saturday, 28 March 2015

Congratulations Saina Nehwal!

          India is a country wherein three things are worshiped greatly; politics, bollywood and cricket. These have taken so much importance over the years that other fields are neglected. If some one has good looks, then there is nothing else but bollywood. If someone is good at sports, then there is a high chance that he/she will be dragged into cricket. On the other hand, if someone is playing really good badminton on the streets, then he/she is just said to be lucky for the day. Playing badminton is something every person has done as a child. It is even assumed to be a simple game. Well, firstly, badminton isn't as simple as it looks. Street badminton is nothing like playing badminton indoors. Even though the court is small, there are numerous things to be practiced. Badminton is not just about smashes. It is about the proper serve, high tosses, clever drops and fast smashes which make up an excellent rally. It is a game which requires an exercise of the entire body.
          In a country where academics is considered more important than talent, a small-town girl from Haryana made it to the international tournaments, won medals, received awards and made the country proud. Today, Saina Nehwal became the first ever Indian woman shuttler to be ranked 'World Number 1' in International Woman's Singles Badminton! Being a hardcore fan of badminton and Saina, I am delighted. Of all the women in badminton, she truly deserves this. Badminton has been Saina's life and blood ever since she was 8 years old. Saina dedicated her life to the sport. Her devotion, perseverance, mental and physical strength have been the key values which make her such a world class player.

Saina with her Olympic Bronze medal.

          Saina Nehwal has won Indonesia Super Series (2009, 2010, 2012), Singapore Super Series (2010), Hong Kong Super Series (2010), Indian Open (2010, 2014), Swiss Open (2011, 2012) and so many other tournaments that I have lost count. Not only did she win a bronze at the 2012 Olympics but also many national awards. Saina is the recipient of Arjuna award, Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna and Padma Shri. And, of course, another accomplishment added today was the world number 1 rank.
          There are ups and downs in every sportsman's career but that is no reason to give up. That point is the time when they have to get up from scratch and fight back stronger than ever. Saina's matches are filed with such match-changing turns. It is always exciting  to watch her on court. Her brilliant techniques and unbelievable mental energy are the strong points that help her to win the match. If you have seen her matches, then you must have noticed a few things. Saina gives a 'drop' more than a 'smash'. She involves the opponent in long rallies rather than getting points by ending it with a few strokes. She knows the game and she savors it.
          It is because of her qualities of discipline and continuous practice, she has reached such a landmark position. The fact that she has become what she set out to be, gives an inspiration for all the players to keep working and improving towards excellence. Such achievements give hope and positivism about the future of Indian badminton. I heartily congratulate Saina Nehwal on this wonderful accomplishment. I wish her great victories in the future and I await the day when the top 10 ranks will be filled with Indian players. 


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