Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Get Inspired!

          Have you ever felt clueless? About yourself or about the people around you or just the bleak possibility of a dynamic life in 20-something years? Have you felt like quitting everything, taking a random plane and just going somewhere, away from the chaos? Have you felt like you are leading a meaningless life with no aims or a burning passion? Just the life of a common man, one dot in the whole universe?

          Well, you are not the only one. I don't know anything about psychology or such sciences of people, but I do know a few things from observation and experience. Every single person feels this way at some point in their lives. There are more questions about everything and comparatively a few negligible answers. Firstly, such phases never last. That is why they are called phases! At that point of time, we feel like we are losers and that there is nothing that can make us feel any different or help us in moving on with our lives. No matter how educated or mentally strong we are, but at those vulnerable moments, we change. We go in a state of mind from where we think that we may never revive. It is like a black hole of some kind. I'm not talking about stress or depression here. Those are the words which people use to scare other people. But what I am talking about is just a higher variation of mood swings.
          For example, exams. Being a student, I am well aware of this phenomenon. When the exams are in a few weeks, the panic begins. After a day or two of rigorous studies, there is a meltdown. I think that I don't know a thing and that I should have studied from the beginning and all sorts of brilliant yet never-actually-implied thoughts. What I do is just keep the books away out of frustration and waste an entire day. But, the next day, I am back to normal. That one day is hard but later does it even hold any significance? That is how it usually is. It is a huge thing when you are near it and a small thing when it passes away. Exactly like vehicles on the road.
          What I do when I am low is that I read some amazing quotes. If the motivational quotes fail to cheer me, then I listen to music or read a book or watch television. Escapism is an art you can learn from me. And there is nothing good or bad about it. It is just a way to feel better and get back on our feet.
Here are some ingenious words:

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