Friday, 24 April 2015

One Last Time.

          Yesterday was officially the last day at college. One last time I had to give an exam. One last time I had the chance to be there. I reached an hour early & had the classroom to myself. One last time I was the first to open that door, switch on all the lights and just live the air of college. I had decided which parts to revise for the exam, but nostalgia hit me right in my brain and I was lost in all those sweet college memories. I found myself in the past, the present and the future. I was recollecting memories from the past, viewing my college with awe in the present & hoping for a great future I'll have only because I was a part of this institution. I felt sadness that it was over & anxiety for how amazing a journey it was. I felt grateful & also indebted. I felt so many feelings at once which I hadn't expected. Just two days ago, my fellow classmates were talking about the end of a journey & the many 'one last time' things & and I couldn't even care to bother. But yesterday, after being in my college & realizing that I wouldn't be there anymore estranged me. And since I was the girl who fled home at 10:37 as soon as the lecture ended at 10:36, all these feelings took me by surprise. I truly loved my college. It had given me a few experiences of the difficult world to get me outside of my shell. It gave me immense knowledge. It helped me find an interest & develop a hobby. It gave me some amazing teachers whom I will idolize till the end of my life. And it gave me amazing friends, to last forever.
          As I look back, I can only see memories. The time we were so fascinated by college days and the college festival, back in FY. Those friendship day celebrations, over the years were so fun. The amount of anxiety we had during our first presentation in FY was insurmountable. The great event of 'Teachers' Felicitation' was something we all enjoyed. The three industrial visits, which brought us all closer, will remain in our memories forever.
          All those times when our happiness knew no bounds when a lecture was cancelled. Or, at other times, the sadness when we compulsorily had to attend some seminars. That one day we looked forward to when we had our favorite teacher's lecture. And also that one teacher whose lecture was equivalent to a free lecture. The times when rains made it impossible to get us to college, but we still went, because it was our college, our habitat. Those numerous times when we just sat in canteen because that was our place after we had bunked the lectures. The list is infinite and so is our love for our college. Whatever happens, we will look back upon these days and a smile will come to our faces, in an instant.
          Now, we are adults. We are graduates. There are great expectations from us. From now on, our real life begins. It is our choice whether to start a business or study more or take up a job. It is us who have to take the responsibility of our future in our hands. We had the time of our lives in college but now is the time to get up and experience the world.
          I will always relish my college life, for it had many friends, memorable experiences and enthusiastic learning (in and out of the classroom.) Few years down the line, when I'll be reading a novel about a college story, I'll remember my college and then the sea of memories will flood in and I'll be grateful for having chosen such an amazing college which truly changed my life. To conclude, I'd say this-

Bunked the lecture, one last time.
Gave an exam, one last time.
Did time pass in canteen, one last time.
We will be nostalgic about this, some time.


  1. This was really fun and nostalgic to read and really brought me back to my own college days. You write beautifully .

  2. Love this! Thank you so much. Very sweetly written. Made me remember my college days.

  3. Aww! Congrats! It really is a bittersweet feeling. I graduated 7 months ago...I miss it a little, but mostly am excited for what the future holds. Best of luck in all of your endeavors <3

  4. This is beautifully written and makes me miss college! I can't believe I graduated over a year ago, but you're right, you will definitely miss it when you're gone.

  5. I'm so happy that I sent you all back to your college days. Thanks a lot for reading. :)


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