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6 YA Books I Like and Dislike.

          In yesterday's write-up, I had confessed my love towards Young Adult Fiction. In today's post, I'm going to mention 6 books which I absolutely love and 6 books which I dislike. YA books include many genres. It's a genre inclusive of other genres such as coming-of-age novels, romance, mystery and so on. This gives it a much wider range of novels. Firstly, I'd like to share 6 of my all-time favourite YA books that I've read.

6 YA Books I Like:

          'Looking for Alaska' is my first favourite John Green novel. Many will be surprised that it's not 'The Fault in our Stars' on this position. But, I absolutely loved this book. There is loads of fun in it in the first part. The second part is witnessed by a mystery which becomes so philosophical that I couldn't stop reading. You will feel all kinds of emotions while reading this story. You can read my review on this book here.
          'The Perks of being a Wallflower' is another brilliantly written masterpiece. The everyday life story of teenagers is conveyed in the most normal way but with a new perception. I loved to read this story as I found some resemblance to Charlie. This book is a must read for any age group.
         I can go on and on about 'The Fault in our Stars'. It is the most wonderful love story of two star crossed lovers. As much as a person might cry, they will just love the literary genius of John Green in it. The conversations between characters also feel like a part of some literature class. Quotes such as 'Pain demands to be felt' will change you.
          Another life changing book is 'The Book Thief'. This one is very different and radiates such knowledge. It is a book which every person must read in their lifetime. As the story progresses, this historical fiction will be an eye opener. If the story doesn't remain with you forever, it won't be a surprise.
          Gayle Forman's 'If I Stay' series is simple and brilliant. The language is nice and the story is very catchy. I read these two books in two days. After finishing 'If I Stay', it's impossible to not read 'Where She Went'. This story will bring out the human in you and you will love this story for all its lovely perks. You can read my review on 'If I Stay' series here.
          Lastly, another John Green novel, that is, 'Paper Towns'. This novel is full of adventure, fun and romance. It's the definition of young adult. The characters are amazing and the book is thrilling. You will laugh throughout, cry sometimes and think a lot after it's over. Another classic John Green novel.

6 YA Books I Dislike:

         Some of these might come off as a shock to you but it's my honest take on them. The first one is 'The Catcher in the Rye'. I think this is the one book for which dislike seems like a mild term. There is no purpose in this story and also
there is no story. It's just some lame happenings in the life of a boring kid. I was bored throughout this one and I'm sorry if I ruined it for anyone.
         Next is the bestseller famous book, 'Gone Girl'. This was supposed to be a thriller crime and mystery novel but it just turned out to be a meaningless story with no conviction, intensity or insight. You can read my review on 'Gone Girl' here.
          'Anna and the French Kiss' was on my 'To Read' list for quite a while. Unfortunately, I didn't like the love story. The tour of Paris was knowledgeable but no one reads YA to gain knowledge. They read YA for fun. The love story couldn't be more predictable. Some lines were nice but the entire package didn't fascinate me.
         'Do not judge a book by its cover' is indeed very true. Rainbow Rowell's book covers are always cute and interesting. However, the stories aren't that interesting. The love story of 'Eleanor and Park' is quite nice. I really liked the beginning of their journey but the unusual circumstance and the weird end took me by surprise. This book had a lot of weirdness in it. The end was actually rather unpleasant. Not because it keeps the reader in confusion but because it's very bizarre.
          I was quite fascinated when I heard about 'Fangirl'. Being the kind of a fan I am, I was hoping it will be very relatable and will be my favourite. But alas! The story was good enough but there was not much of fangirling in it. A real life fangirl will just find it dull. For a normal coming-of-age romantic story, it would have been good but it cannot pass for a fangirl story.
          John Green is my number 1 favourite author but for me, 'An Abundance of Katherines' is the least-liked book of his. I really thought I would love it because I loved all of his rest but it just wasn't on that level. But, I'm still a nerdfighter.

          I hope you found this book post helpful and interesting. Which are your likes and dislikes in connection to YA books?


  1. Oh, I have to disagree on Eleanor & Park!!! I absolutely loved that one!


  2. The only two of these that I've read are The Fault in our Stars and Gone Girl. I'm probably the only person I know who actually liked Gone Girl. Haha!

  3. I agree with most of your likes, though I don't think Gone Girl was a YA novel... It was just a little too messed up for that. I liked it though, twisted is good. haha

  4. I also like YA books.. I loved gone girl though!! I will have to check out more of your YA likes!

  5. I've heard great things about The Fault in Our Stars and The Book Thief!
    I didn't read Gone Girl, but I loved the movie!

  6. I love John Green and I actually LOVED Fangirl! I used to be a crazy fan girl when I was younger and totally found it relatable to what I felt when I was obsessed with: 1. Jonas Brothers 2. Lord of the Rings 3. Harry Potter

    xo, Chelsie @ Life with Rosie

  7. I've never read a John Green novel...I want to read Paper Towns but I just haven't yet!

  8. You are not alone in your love for YA books!! I think they are some of the best books written.

  9. I didn't like E&P either. I still have The Book Thief on my TBR list!

  10. I LOVE YA books, but I really don't consider Gone Girl young adult (though it's one of my favorites)....

  11. Thank you everyone for your kind words. :)


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