Saturday, 13 June 2015

Guest Post #1

          Today I'm posting the first guest post on my blog. This wonderful poem is written by my college classmate and friend, Avani Gala. Not only is she sweet but so are her words. She is an intelligent person with a pure soul, sweetness and lots of depth. I hope you love this poem as much as I loved it.

World is unhappy as I look at it,
And no wonder it does has its feel,
But nothing could count no matter how sweet,
When I come to my slate, yeah nothing could heal!

I began to sing, appreciating my turn,
And with all that hope I began to learn,
But life is no film, soon as I learnt,
Destination never comes your way, you have to hunt!

My words fumble, things are looking blur,
As I am lost in the world which is no more clear,
My heart shouts, screams to explain that sight,
Yeah, that sight to see myself in the world of flights!

Though my dream has shattered into parts,
somehow I managed myself from feeling apart,
As that's all I desired then and still,
So, someday I will surely fill my slate and all would heal!

You can follow Avani on Facebook here.


  1. Avani Gala amazing and very thoughtful poem.. Proud to have you as a friend!! 😃


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