Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Half Yearly Favourites.

            Six months have already flown by without letting us know how fast time flies. In today's post, I'm going to mention my favourite moments and days throughout this half year. By doing this, I want to show my gratitude towards good things and thank God for everything he has given. This post will help me find some happiness in the dark sadness that surrounds. Here are my top 7 happy moments from January until June.

1. Short Stories:

          I wouldn't have thought of writing short stories without motivation from my family and friends. I have written five stories including a love story and I'm already writing a new one. This short story writing has helped me get some confidence about myself and my writing. I'm glad that readers liked it and I cannot be more hopeful. Here are the links to my short stories.

2. Blogging.

          I have taken blogging seriously in the past months. Because now I know what I do best, I am never going to give up on either blogging or writing. I made a fresh theme for the blog and also made a header. I started a blog series called Monday Moments. I love the idea of this as it helps to portray many moments and expressing them creatively in words. I have created a Facebook page through which you can get all the post updates. Also, you can now follow my blog by clicking the 'Join This Site' button on top right in the widgets section. These few changes have made my blog's appearance appealing and I like it. Feel free to follow my blog and express your opinion.

3. Travel trips:

          Until now, I went on three trips in the first half which were really amazing. I love travelling and hence I enjoyed these journeys throughout. In January, I went on a college Industrial Visit to Kerala. It was a whole new experience for me as it was my first time travelling without family. It was a great trip because of all my friends. You can read my Kerala trip here. The second one was to Panchgani with my family. After my exams and stressed out study days, it was the best trip where I relaxed the whole time. You can read about the touring Panchgani section here. The last one was just a two day trip to Pune. It was a fun family get-together. I enjoyed a lot over there.

4. Books:
          I have read 16 books till now in this half year. I have a goal of reading 50 books this year. So, 16 isn't satisfying at all. But, books are my favourite part of the day. I have read some excellent books while some boring ones. But, being the booknerd I am, I've loved and enjoyed every piece of the reading experience. Yon can check out some of the articles and book reviews I've written so far here.

5. Concert:

          1st March 2015 will forever be my favourite day on earth. It was the day I saw Ed Sheeran live in Mumbai with my best friend. That night was the most amazing, musical and lovely night of my life. Ed Sheeran concert experience is my take on that day. I read it sometimes to make sure it really happened because I still can't believe I saw Ed Sheeran.

6. Birthday:
          This March I had a birthday blast. I knew how everyone around me loved me. I was showered with love and so many gifts. It was indeed a special treat. I feel grateful to have such wonderful people in my life. 

7. Academics:
          My final year results haven't been declared yet but soon I'll be a graduate. That gives me a kind of a good feeling. I'm glad that I'll be doing MMS course which is two more years of academic education. I hope that this course will bring a new edge to my personality and boost my confidence.

How was your first half of the year? Do share.


  1. Wow, you've made such blogging progress!

  2. Sounds like a busy month for you. Im in Mumbai and have been for almost two years and sad to say I have not yet travelled around this amazing country. I should read your travel posts for more inspiration :)

  3. I really love this post-idea! Sounds like you had a fun 1st half of the year! :-D

  4. I can't believe we are seven months into the year Aishwarya. I love the look of the blog and congrats on the stories.

  5. Happy Belated Birthday! I hope that this year is treating you well :) Isn't blogging so much fun? I love it and I'm glad that you've started blogging more regularly and found some joy in it. Thanks for sharing!

  6. What an great accomplishment!

  7. Your header is so interesting!

  8. I want to seed Ed Sheeran in Mumbia! Very cool :)

  9. I like that you took stock of your year and goals halfway through. I would love to see Ed Sheeran! And I know 16 isn't 25 but I am very impressed that you have read 16! I have only read a couple of books sadly.

  10. SO awesome you saw Ed Sheeran! He's one of my favorite new artists!


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