Sunday, 7 June 2015

Turn The Noise Down!

          Throughout the world, India is known for its rich culture and heritage. Everyone adores the many festivals we celebrate. Sometimes, it feels like there are more festivals than days in a year. There are other plenty of ceremonies like baby showers, thread ceremonies, weddings, poojas and so on. Many of these are rare in other countries. There are also the occasional birth and death anniversaries of great people and such other events. They occur more than anyone can imagine.
          But, every coin has two sides. As much as it is fun enjoying these hundreds of festivals, there is also a downfall. For me, it's loudspeakers. There is some minor occasion and boom! Everything from stages, statues to chairs is set up and the noise is never forgotten. Somehow I feel that people have forgotten how to enjoy an event without dancing to it. I'm not a music hater. I love it. But, I'm talking about the noise. 
          Firstly, people have absolutely ceased to care about an important problem called noise pollution. So many people. So many religious views. And so many festivals of each. So much noise. 
Secondly, those people who are truly frustrated by this mental torture, cannot go to the authorities to complain. That's because of this whole overrated specimen called 'society'. "What will the neighbours think if I go and disrupt a religious setting?" "Will they turn me into police?" And, wait for this. "Will they put some horrible curse on me and my family?" Such silent superheroes just adjust to everything. Oh, the poor common man!
Thirdly, these events start with all the religious songs of deities and at the end all we can hear are item number songs. I fully appreciate the former ones because those are the ones that must be played. But, I'm beyond the realm of thinking about the latter ones. The stupidity of this whole setting is so unnerving that it has unfortunately taken deep roots in our society. Unintentionally and unknowingly people hum to all the songs. It's like the brain has stopped thinking about common sense. After praying, people sing songs like 'Munni badnam hui'. I mean, what is wrong with you?
          Suppose, lets take Ganesh Chaturthi as an example. This is one of my favourite festivals. There are street-to-street celebrations wherein the idol is brought followed by subsequent poojas. At such places, the festival is celebrated for entire 10 days. In the morning, loudspeakers emit all poojas, atharva sheersha and related folk songs. But, soon there are irrelevant songs played. 10 days of loudspeakers continuously blaring out noise. Such things take away all the devotion and happiness turning it into a headache. As much as it feels nice to hear the religious songs, it's a headache to have to listen to irrelevant noise.
          The question of the hour is, 'Is it really necessary?' 'Is it required to play music for so many hours at such a high volume?' 'Why can't people just offer their prayers in the traditional way?' 'Why can't people step up for a change?'
Here I am, just like you, hoping for a peaceful way to celebrate festivals, only with zero noise and little bit of music.


  1. I completely understand. I am sensitive to noise and prefer natural sounds. I don't mind music at all, actually love a lot of it, but I appreciate it best when it's not too loud.

  2. Now india has developed rule that in residential area after 11 you can not play loud music without permission.

  3. I've never even thought about this topic as I've always lived in residential areas/suburbs!! I feel a teeny bit kore enlightened today just from reading this post. Love the name "Abstract Writer" as this was kind of an abstract thought in my head 😃

  4. It's so true! Well written!


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