Saturday, 20 June 2015

When Only Love Remains. (Book Review #7)


          'When Only Love Remains' is a love story by Durjoy Datta which gives the reader hope, patience and love. It's in no way a typical love story as it crosses over the dead ends making it all the more interesting. If you just begin to find it dull, the next moment something unusual happens which leaves you rattled. I'm a reader who hates cliches and predictability in a story. To my surprise, there was neither of the two in this one which satisfied me. Also, the inital part of Avanti being a fan of Devrat's music hits home. That may be one reason I'm partial. I have read four books from this author and this is the only book which I actually liked. After I read the disappointing 'Ohh Yes I am Single And So Is My Girlfriend' novel, I was done with his books. (No offence.) Even this particular book was a random purchase and I'm glad I liked it. I gave this one 4 stars on Goodreads.


          Avanti and Devrat are the main characters around whom the story is revolved. 18 year old Avanti is a flight attendant who's beautiful and loves Devrat's music so much that she's convinced she's in love with him. Devrat is a singer and song writer who is moderately popular. Avanti is raised by her grandmother. She is sensitive, pretty and becomes braver as the story progresses. Devrat is a wasted person who doesn't appreciate himself or his talent. He loves to be sad and miserable. Although he may come off as rude and selfish, he becomes a sweet puppy as love changes him.

Story line:

          Avanti is the craziest fan of Devrat. The beginning is interesting as it is an idol-fan love story. Delhi based Avanti is unsure about everything except Devrat. While Kolkata based Devrat is unsure about everything except music. This love story is one brought together by music. The part until they finally meet at Devrat's gig is put up nicely avoiding any gloomy details and keeping the story alive. The part where they finally meet for the first time and spend a long time together is quite amazing. This unreal situation is worded so well that the reader is always engrossed in a smile and fall in love with it. The scene where Devrat boards the plane is delightful. If you're an avid reader, you know something drastic will happen after half the story is filled with such sweetness. And then, it happens. The awful car crash of Devrat happens followed by dull moans by depressed Avanti. I may have a lost patience but the story dwells on this part more than needed. There are many incidents wherein Avanti outbursts or talks to his comatose self or talks to the entire hospital staff. 8 months is a long time to be in a coma and portray about it. That repetition could have been avoided. I had started to think like, "Just live or die but do that soon!" Also, there should have been exact mention of Avanti's job instead of 'consoling patients, relatives and staff'. The end was as best as possible. The reader really feels Devrat dies. Even the part where Avanti performs with the 'vocalist' is worded geniously. I loved this perfect ending to a more-than-tolerable novel.

Overall Thoughts:

         My view is that it was a well written and well-placed story with nicely carved out characters with the curiosity rhythm in sync. The plot was ultimate providing the sudden changes flawlessly. Apart from the hospital scenario, I was never bored while reading. There was a repetition of the word 'puppy' as referring to Devrat. It sounded romantic at the beginning but eventually it just sickened me. I was glad when Devrat doesn't forget who Avanti is when he wakes up otherwise it would've been really dumb. This quintessential novel wasn't like most Durjoy novels. It stood up a notch, I think. I liked this tragic love story. In the start it felt like 'Rainbow Rowel' (Fangirl). In the middle, it felt like 'Nicholas Sparks' (Love story). In the end it felt like 'John Green' (Tragic).


  1. Cute blog.You remind me to look what is going on goodreads .

  2. Great review, I love how honest you are about 'puppy' sickening you, I think I would be the same if I read it over and over throughout the book! Rianna xx

  3. Love your honesty in this review. I love books. I love reading. I need to do it more!

  4. What a touching book. Thanks for the review.


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