Saturday, 11 July 2015

Embrace the Person You Are. (Guest Post #2)

          This brilliant self-appreciating article is written by my long time friend, Divya Dhage. We've been best friends for over a decade. She's the person who motivates me to write. If it weren't for her, my blog wouldn't exist. She's sweet, caring, kind and intelligent. Here goes the post she has written which I find to be genious.

          You text that person every single day. You call them only to learn that they are too busy every time you call. You think about them before you retire for the day only to realise that person couldn’t care less about you. And you start calculating reasons that make you the unhappiest person on the earth! Does all this sound familiar to what you’ve going through lately?
          First of all, one mustn’t forget that everyone has their own priorities and you must accept anything with grace however hard it may be. Remember it’s just a phase that will fade away as time progresses. And maybe it’s time for you to prioritise, it’s time for you to fix things yourself, to pick up where you’d left the book you were reading long time ago, to rush to the gym and find yourself flushed after a gruelling workout session. Why not walk down the nearby temple you always visited before exams when you were in school? Remind yourself it’s you who matters the most. Recall things that made you happy about yourself once upon a time.
          We spend most of our lives brooding over things that are going to prove inconsequential a few years down the line.  Everything has its own time. All you need to do is believe in yourself. You don’t have the much coveted job at the moment, but who knows you might land up in some place better tomorrow? You haven’t found your significant other yet, but who knows tomorrow you might meet someone who will be the love of your life. Stop chasing after others instead chase the person who’d want to be. You are enough for your happiness and you don’t need any medium to reach out to happiness.

Pamper yourself a little and never let anyone dull your sparkle.

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  1. Very nice! Iliked the line of pampering to self!

  2. I love that! "Don't ever let anyone dull your sparkle!" I want to print that and hang it at my office! Thanks for sharing!

  3. So True! I won't let anyone get me down!


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