Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Games to Play at a Sleepover.

          Do you remember the times when you had a sleepover with just your close friends? Those times when you were so excited to spend some great time catching up with your best friends or cousins? Those times when you just spent the entire night gossiping or watching horror movies? Some of us are hardcore party planners who decide how everything should be done. Right from assigning everyone to bring junk food, music and sometimes even a karaoke system. I'm sure you have had amazing fun-filled enjoyable night-ins. And I also think that some of them weren't much fun. Maybe there were gaps of boring hours where you just sat not knowing what to do. The time when you were on your mobiles doing nothing. Here's what can make your night-ins really fun. Whenever my aunt and cousin brother come to stay with us, we just play a lot of games. And it's so much fun. Sometimes we have laughed so hard that our stomachs began aching and our loud laughs were heard downstairs. So, I think that you can have fun, share a good laugh or two and just enjoy time with your dear ones just by playing these games. After all, getting wasted is just what lame people do who don't know what to do with their lives. Instead, play on.
Here's a list of my personal favourite games. Some of them provoke laughter. Some of them are simple. Some of them bring back memories. While some of them are just for fun.

1. Pictionary:
          Pictionary is my most favourite game which deserves to be at the top of the list. In this, more people equals more fun. You just have to draw something that's on the card. The other team mates are supposed to guess it. I have played this game with friends and family and there's not a minute where I wasn't laughing. If you're bad at drawing then you 'must' play this because it double the laughter. You've to use logic and innovation, if you're a bad artist. In case you don't have the board game, you can always come up with some weird and difficult words, write them on chits, put those in a fish bowl, use your mobile timer and play. You can take up any category by this method. So, if you're bored or had a fight, just suggest this game and the mood will be set right! I've even written a moment of this in my 'Monday Moments' series.

2. Dumb Charades:
           This is another popular game. In this, a person has to act a particular film and others have to guess. This is also more happening with teams. Sometimes people act so funny that you have to laugh it off. At other times, the film itself is so alien that you'll just waste half the time thinking how to act it. Once there was a Bollywood movie named 'Corporate' which none of us could've guessed. Even thought it seems simply, it's quite difficult to act. Time just flies by while playing dumb charades.

3. Spin the Bottle:
          Everyone is familiar with this classic game of 'Truth or Dare'. You just have to spin the bottle. When it stops, the person at one end will ask and the other will reply. This game can be played only with friends to make it more fun. Some dares can be really obnoxious. But dares get more exciting on a night-out. Most people just answer some questions truly. You cannot keep a secret. It's fun what all you may get to know about a person. Sometimes it helps to know each ther better while at times it just spills some beans.

4. Cards:

          There are plenty of card games to play. Cards aren't as fun as the earlier games but they have their own charm. My favourites are 'Judgement', 'Home Alone', 'Rami', 'Uno' etc. I never play poker. So, there's no gambling; just a game for fun.

5. Antakshari:

          This is a game where one team sings a song. Then, the the next team sings a song ending from the song of first team's last letter. It's just singing and more singing. Personally, I don't like this game. But most Indians happen to love it. So, here it stands on my list. If you're a Bollywood lover and know all the songs, then it's quite enjoyable.

6. Other Games:
          There a few board games I used to like, such as 'Business' and 'Monopoly'. You can also have quite the fun with Lego. There's no age limit for that after all. If you have all the requirements, you can play a round of Carrom or Snooker. You can go classic with 'Name, Place, Animal, Thing'. There are many chit games you can enjoy.

So, that pretty much sums up my favourites. Which ones do you like?


  1. Oh, how I miss sleepovers with my friends! My friends and I have an upcoming sleepover at a hotel planned...can't wait!

  2. We love board games, so that's usually our go-to!

  3. Amazing post dear!

  4. Haha, haven't has a sleepover in years (not a proper one anyway)- great post

    Sarah x

  5. Awesome! I haven't ever heard of the song one. I think my family would love it though ;) Thanks for the ideas!


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