Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Minimalist Pictures.

          We live in a world where technology plays a vital role. We are attached to our mobile phones or laptops most of the times. I'm not an exception to this. In technology, there are trends and themes that come and go. I remember the time when everyone was crazy about Bitstrips. There was a time when there were Facebook shares about 'Happiness Is..' photos and the like. Most of the trends hit Facebook. If they're fun and cool, they stick and become popular. I must admit I'm now tired of "Remember he/she when they were 10 year old? You have to see what they looks like now!" trend. All these trends were just means for entertainment and nothing else. However, this new trend about minimalist pictures is quite the rage. Basically, minimalism means something not so simple explained with simple techniques. It usually conveys a strong message. If you Google about this, you'll find minimal posters of Bollywood and super heroes. But, I'm not talking about those. I'm talking about the ones which have minimal words, catchy themes and a message. It requires basic IT Design knowledge, creativity and innovation. I've been looking up at some pictures like these. One of such creators of minimalist images is 'The Minimalist'. They portray the complicated issues prevailing in India from ages into a simple image. These pictures not only state the problem but also bring out the need for change.

Why minimalist pictures are important?

1. Simple:
The fact that it only takes seconds to view pictures makes it more effective. People usually avoid reading a long write-up (like this one) and tend to check out the images. The simple and eye-catching images are indeed easy to look over.

2. Social Media:
Most of the designers have Facebook as their base which makes it convenient for people to browse them. This is another best way to catch the attention of people. By doing this, there will be a constant prevalance and spread of the main topic.

3. Impact:
These images create a huge impact in the minds of people. Sarcastic language, appropriate backgrounds, bright colours and the truth in one small sentence often seems to generate awakening.

I'm going to post some of the pictures made by The Minimalist. You can view their Facebook page for more photos and topics.

1. Overpopulation:
You can view more pictures in this collection here.

2. Act Against Child Labour:

You can view more pictures in this collection here.

3. Superstitions:

You can view more pictures in this collection here.

4. Corruption:

You can view more pictures in this collection here.

          In such an innovative way, minimalist pictures are trying to bring a change in the society. They focus on the major problems, highlight the causes and stand out. They help make an optimistic impact in the simplest way. Did you like the above pictures? What's your opinion about this tool?

(All the credits of the above four images goes to 'The Minimalist'.)


  1. Interesting, I may try my hand at this.

  2. I love this. You make a great point and as a marketer, it's something that I try to tell my clients all the time. Clarify and simplify your messaging!

  3. I like these. You make great points. I hadn't thought about minimalism in the photos I've been using for social media. Instead, I've used detailed, colorful photos and then have to work with the font and color way too much to get it to look decent. Thanks for the help!

  4. Excellent insights. Number 4 especially hit me.

  5. Very interesting post , enjoyed the share.... Thank you. Minimalism definitely seems to be the way to go !

  6. Wow. Simple and profound...I love it.

    Rosemond Cates

  7. So simple they really get the point across.

    xo katie // a touch of teal

  8. I haven't noticed this trend as much, but I love that the message is so simply conveyed. Definitely thinking of trying my hand at this to practice my design skills


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