Monday, 6 July 2015

Seclusion. (Monday Moments #6)

          This wasn't the first time she felt left out. It was a feeling of deja vu. Her cousins made plans, just forgot about her and then decided to share the photos of their reunion everywhere on the social media. She knew it wasn't because she was unlikable. After years of seclusion she had made herself to believe that she was actually likable. Now, after much experience of being the last person chosen she knew why it was that way. Whenever she met her cousins, they talked all about their love lives and other girls who they think were bitches. But, she never bad mouthed about anyone. She hated gossip more than anything. And, because everyone everywhere had the intellectual span up to gossiping, she never could contribute to the conversations. She always thought about feelings and life. Perhaps, nobody understood her and felt she was boring. She knew she had to live with it. At the end of the day, she was right. Even in this world where people talk about others behind their back 90% of the time, she just couldn't find any sense in it. She was different and different was good. In that moment, as she went through her cousins' photos, she decided to let it go. She felt just like she had when her friends forgot to invite her to a birthday party. She felt just like she had when she roamed around the malls alone. She felt like she was treated as an option. Yet, somehow, in all these moments as a little part in her died; a little part in her grew. She knew that there will be people who will be interested in her for who she was. But till then, she continued to grow as an empathetic human being. She broke in those little moments only to realise later how brave and mature she had become. In that moment, she was someone who knew what values she stood for. All those moments of seclusion only helped her to be a better, braver and an independent person.

(‘Monday Moments’ is a blog series wherein I write about an incident or a moment in a short paragraph. It’s not a story, but just a short description to express and explore the most common joys and also the uncommon miseries.)


  1. I love when it says "as a little part of her died a little part of her grew" I can totally relate to this story! Sometimes it's the loneliest nights that help us progress most as a person.

  2. Your writing is always so good. Are you writing a book? That would be awesome. Thank you for sharing!!

  3. Beautifully written :)


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