Saturday, 15 August 2015

Being a Proud Indian.

          Happy 69th Independence Day to all my fellow Indians! This day is a way of remembering all the freedom fighters that fought for our independence. It's a way to recall their efforts and work hard just like they did. People sing devotional songs and read stories. People hoist the Indian National flag and sing the anthem. Many of them must have been inspired after listening to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's speech today. All these things are what we have in common. We, the people of India, rejoice our Independence.
          When I first thought about what to write, I thought about mentioning the cultural enrichment which unites all the people. I thought about the never-ending line of festivals we celebrate. The historic and other worth-watching places came to my mind. I even went back to Aryabhatta and Gurukul. After thinking quite a lot, I thought what's the point of stating the known facts? Everyone knows how amazing India is. Instead, I thought about the changes I need to bring within myself to make a contribution towards the development of the country. Everyone talks about changing the systems of the nation. But, shouldn't we first change some things about ourselves? After all, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Stop Littering.
          Here are some of the things that I already follow. Whenever I eat something, like a chocolate, I never throw the wrapper on the road. I always keep it in my bag and throw it in the home dustbin. Because of this constant habit of mine, even my friends have started doing the same. We are literate people who are intellectually capable of making decisions. Then, how can we do as stupid a thing as littering around? It's just wrong on so many levels. I know that it doesn't affect you. But, it affects the environment. I mean, seriously, do I have to get into plastic congestion and all that now? Whenever I see people throwing crap on the road or railway tracks, I give them a death stare. You know, the stare where you disgustingly look at them while nodding your head? (I may be overstating.) Please, stop littering around. Follow the 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyan' and act like a sane person. If you don't want to sweep the roads, at least stop throwing those wrappers all over the place.

Stop Bribing.
          Another thing I follow is never to bribe anyone. Be it a police officer or anyone else. Firstly, I'm scared out of my mind when a policeman stops me while I'm riding my Activa. It doesn't happen often because I always wear a helmet. With those routine checks, when they stop you and ask for the documents, just show it to them instead of bribing. And if you say that you don't carry your driver's license while driving, then you deserve a fine. Like, why are you living in a modern civilized world if you can't carry the proof to do something? You'll never forget it while going to a pub then how can you forget it while driving? Be sensible and stop thinking of an option called bribing.

Stop Using Foreign Products.
          This is a thing that I should do, but I don’t follow it strictly. Eat Indian food and buy Indian products. India's Misal Pav beat other continental dishes. That's something to be proud of. And Indian food is so tasty and delicious compared to pasta and brownies. If you want to eat non-Indian food items, eat them at a popular Indian restaurant rather than choosing branches of foreign places. Indian products are gaining popularity and you must own them to show off some pride. Instead of using all China products, invest in Indian ones.

Stop Fighting:
          It doesn't matter from which state you originate because you're all Indians. You shouldn't make groups with people with the same state and talk ill about others. If you help out someone from a poorer part of India, you're helping India grow. People should stop creating boundaries of rich-poor, literate-illiterate or religious-atheist. We are one nation and we should stand by it.

         I'm not someone who is supposed to talk about a few problems that sustain here. But, I surely consider myself as a responsible citizen of India. Being a proud Indian doesn't mean wearing a tiranga outfit or singing the national anthem on one day. It doesn't mean showing off the badge across your chest. It means having that badge in yourself. Patriotic for one day and forever. Being a proud Indian means to love all and strive for the nation's development. It means in loving Indians from all backgrounds. It means standing up whenever the national anthem plays. It means having infinite respect for the Indian soldiers. It means loving your nation like she's your mother.



  1. I think this is a great post, first step for change should start with us, happy indian independence day and wishing more peace and prosperity to india.

  2. Maybe they will read your post and real change will happen.

  3. Happy Independence Day to you!

  4. Happy independence day! Good advice. I do love India; our trip there was our most interesting.

  5. It is wonderful to see someone write with pride about their country without being overly arrogant. I am not from India, but I find that the advice you offer others here is great for people from all over the world. Stop polluting the environment by thorwing stuff on the roads, stop degrading others because of their class or state of origin, etc. Happy Indian independence Day!

    1. If only everyone were as smart as you, we'd see change. Thanks for reading.


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