Thursday, 13 August 2015

Everything, Everything. (Book Review #16)


          Nicola Yoon's debut novel 'Everything, Everything' is a simple story which a young reader will enjoy. I wouldn't categorize it into 'Young Adult' as it's kind of a kiddish novel. It's the story of Madeline who has a disease and has to remain in isolation all her life. She never gets out of her home or meets new people. She takes her study classes online. She only talks to her mother and her nurse, Karla. She's used to this routine until Oliver comes into her life changing everything forever. As much as there are varied circumstances in this novel, there are also stupid things. But, overall, I must say it's a novel that's not depressing but could make you cry. I've rated it at 3 stars on Goodreads.



          Madeline Whittier is a wise young girl who knows to stand up for herself. She's a romantic at heart who would risk her life for love. She's the kind of a person who can't just let go of something, even if it means to put herself at danger. The courageous girl loves to read books and shows compassion. She is quirky, but she's also quite brilliant.
          Oliver (also known as Olly) is a muscular and flexible piece of a human. He's a person that can make you laugh until your stomach hurts. Even though his family is complicated, he's the only uncomplicated thing in Maddy's life.
         The nurse, Karla is like a second mother to Maddy. She takes care of her and loves her like her own daughter. If it weren't for her, there wouldn't have been a real love story between Maddy and Olly.
         Madeline's mother is the most caring and sweet mother. After suffering the loss of her husband and son, she becomes too protective of Madeline. She's witty and funny.


Story Line:

          Madeline has SCID due to which she can't risk her life by getting out of her home. It's like a bedroom-cum-hospital scenario. Soon, the new neighbours move in and there starts a new beginning. Maddy and Olly soon become friends which then transforms into a relationship thing. The only downfall is that they can't touch each other. So, that's a pretty major set back but it doesn't bother them. Soon, Maddy convinces Karla to let her see him. Maddy and Olly begin seeing each other often without her mother's knowledge. Soon, they start touching and kissing. Nothing happens to Madeline. After some days, Maddy's mother finds out about the whole sneaking away thing and bans Maddy from seeing Olly. One day Maddy decides to just let go of everything. She reaches the point where not seeing Olly could kill her. She decides to just go for a journey with him. And she does. They're both worried and anonymous of which little thing could kill her. Will she survive? Or will her disease and her love kill her? It's a mystery you'll know when you read it.


Overall Thoughts:

          One thing I liked about this book was that it was unpredictable. I'm not giving any spoilers but what I thought was completely different. While reading, you'll think of a number of possibilities. I had a tiny hint of what might happen. And that happened but it wasn't so unreal. You'll understand when you read it. Some things I felt were weird. Karla allows Maddy and Olly to go on her death wish. Firstly, it was stupid (also, romantic) to just leave her mother and go for a suicide journey. Secondly, she shouldn't have gone to meet Karla. I mean, seriously who lets their sick kid wander in the jungle of the intoxicated world?
          Some of the things I loved about this one was the break-up of continuous text. There were text messages. There were very interesting diary entries. There were a few internet screenshots. The incredible Madeline Whittier's own dictionary was something amazing. The 'Neighbourhood Watch' was hilarious. I also got some new knowledge about humuhumunukunukuapua'a, which is the Hawaiian state fish. I also understood about limericks and Haiku. I also got a guide to cliff diving. All these little quirky things kept it interesting.


  1. Great review! I'm always looking for some good new books! Thanks!

  2. Good review. Class pictures!

  3. Great review! Really liked the pictures, too.

  4. I love it when a book is unpredictable (in a good way!).

  5. I love books that offer various formats of text (emails, diary entries, text messages)! It makes the reading so much fun!

    xo, Chelsie @ Life with Rosie

  6. loved the review and the pictures helped drive the post home for me.


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