Sunday, 2 August 2015

Live or Stay Forgotten.

          An individual is born and it's certain that he's going to die. Death is the most certain thing that there is. Grand kids feel sad when their grandparents pass away. Those same grand kids feel sad when their parents pass away. And then they pass away too. It just goes on in each family hierarchy. Such millions of families go through life and death. Yet, only a few individuals among those families are remembered among all the families worldwide. These few individuals achieve greatness and leave a mark upon this world. They'll always be remembered. Some of them might even have holidays named after them. While many other people's birthdays are also forgotten. Isn't it so weird? Also, unfair? Why do some of us get to live a famous life while some of us are forgotten? There is perhaps no logic to this rule. But, there's one thing that every individual has. Love. Even though every individual doesn’t win a Nobel Prize, they are loved. I don't think any individual lives a life where there isn't a single person who doesn't love them. But is that enough? Maybe it's enough until the time they exist. But, what about after? Who'll remember them after they're deceased? After they're dead for a hundred years? Mahatma Gandhi is still remembered. But who will remember our grandfathers after a hundred years from now?
          I think it's that fear of being forgotten that strives an individual to work hard. It's that feeling which makes him do what his heart wants to do. It's that feeling which helps him to think and be a better person. Every individual needs some kind of motivation. But, isn't the fear of being forgotten enough to stay motivated? The fear that there will be no proof whatsoever of you having lived on this earth fearsome enough for you to get out of your bed and work?
          This might not be what you like to hear. No one says such things out loud. But, I guess it's because we are all afraid of that. Maybe we don’t want to face it at all. It's a pessimistic way to look at life. But, I also think that it's the hardest way to look at life. If you look at your life in this way, you'll either be depressed or motivated. Sure, there are other ways to stay motivated. Like reading some quotes. The quotes by writers which are still remembered after a hundred years. But, they are so lenient that we forget about them. But, a fact like this, read and seen doesn’t go away for quite some time. You can take your life seriously or just be some forgotten piece of an individual. The choice is yours.

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  1. Beautifully written and agree that we are all loved!

  2. Great post! Really interesting to think about.

  3. Quite an interesting concept.


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