Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Organising Stuff.

          A new institute means new syllabus, new subjects and new stationery. Yesterday I just sorted the huge heap of textbooks I had kept through the last 3 years. 6 semesters having 7 subjects each. So you can imagine the number of books. After keeping some dozen books for future reference, I recycled all the rest. This gave me lots of space for new books. Don't you just love to organise everything properly? (Organisation is one of the features of management.) Anyway, I was very pleased with myself for throwing out the junk and cleaning everything up. I may not be as uptight as Monica (from Friends). But, because I'm even comparing myself to her, you can imagine! Here are some of the photos of my study table and bookshelf.

Clicked after studying.
Upper storage space in the study table,
First drawer.
Second drawer.
Kashmiri Pen-stand by the clock.

          I've kept the notebooks used currently in the storage space above. There are unused notebooks, calculator and clips in the first drawer. The second drawer has some files and stationery stuff. I have these two pouches which are the best for storing a lot of things. I have used the yellow one for keeping all the stationery; such as pens, refills, pencils, whitener, markers and so on. The blue pouch is for all the bookmarks. Sometimes I feel like I have more bookmarks than I have books. There are a whole bunch from Flipkart. Some are the ones I made. While others are from book stores or sales.

Stationery Pouch.
Bookmark Pouch.

          Now I'll be posting some photos of my beloved bookshelf. I haven't categorised books alphabetically or colourwise. I've just placed them as per my interest. Although, the books in the right corner on the first shelf are my favourites. There some audio CDs in the top shelf next to my laptop and diary. In the bottom drawer of the bookshelf are all the things not required daily. There are diaries of 2010-2014. There's scrap book, greeting cards, notebooks, headset, bookmark pouch and so on.

My collection of books.
Taylor, One Direction & John Green.
Bottom Drawer of the extended bookshelf.
            This was some of the organised stuff at my home. I believe in keeping things in an orderly manner so as to avoid chaos. How do you organise the varieties of stuff?


  1. haha I am so long overdue for some organization - thanks for inspiring me!

    stop by and chat ♥

  2. Oh my gosh, there is NEVER anything better than organizing!!! Amazing!!

  3. I love organizing! It gives everything a nice clean tidy feeling!
    Cynthia @craftoflaughter

  4. I'm BAD at organization. It's weird, because I love storage tools! I just never stick to it :P

  5. Organizing is the best! I need to organize all of my things!

  6. Organizing is always so much fun. I love going through everything and tossing what I do not need


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