Sunday, 8 November 2015

Me Before You. (Book Review #18)

          Hello book nerds! It saddens me that I get to read less these days. After the 1 book per 2 days streak in July, this is just downright disappointing. Now that I have a study leave of one month, the first thing I did was get back to my lovely books! And I'm not lying, but it feels so much better to read than do anything else. It's like getting back into my natural habitat!
          My last book review on The Kite Runner was more than a month ago. That's why I'll enjoy writing this one. I started with a few books last month such as 'And The Mountains Echoed', 'The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari' and 'Me Before You'. The most interesting book was 'Me Before You' which I finished first and so here's the review! (Includes spoilers.)

          I found a recommendation to this book under the list of 'Read this if you liked The Fault in our Stars'. That should have been the first cue as to this depressing, saddening, life altering and gorgeously miraculous novel. When you get a hint like that, you judge it too hard and tend to forget enjoying the reading process. So just forget about other plots, alive and dead characters, endings and try to enjoy this sad love story.
This is the first novel of Jojo Moyes that I read. I liked her writing. It's simple. It's funny. She can make the reader involved in the story. She can make amazing sarcastic conversations too. It wasn't that after reading this book I said, "I can't wait to read all of her books." But it has intrigued me to read the sequel 'After You'.

          Louisa Clark is a 27 year old woman who doesn't have a job or a meaningful relationship or her own home. She has nothing figured out. Not even herself until she meets Will. Her life begins to change in a positive way once Will enters her life.
          William Traynor is a 35 year old quadriplegic who is sarcastic, funny and handsome. And he wants to die. He used to be that person who loved adventures and travelling but is now restricted to a life in a wheelchair. So that really sucks.
          Nathan is Will's carer. He's mostly invisible. Katrina is Louisa's sister. She is smart, practical and an opportunist. Patrick is Lou's boyfriend. He's into fitness and obsessed with it. I didn't like him much, which is how it was supposed to be, I guess.

          The story revolves around Louisa and Will. She gets a job as Will's carer. At the beginning it's tough because they don't get along well. He's mean and sarcastic with her. She just takes it until she starts being a smart mouth too. Only after a while she finds out why she was given a 6-month job. That was because Will had a death wish. He wanted to kill himself at the end of those 6 months. After knowing about this, she almost quits. But her sister gives her an idea to change Will's decision by showing him what life is worth.
          Then begins Lou's mission. She starts a schedule and gets engrossed in travel plans. After some failed incidents, there are also some good ones. Soon, Louisa and Patrick break up. Louisa plans a whole trip with activities like bungee jumping. But Will gets pneumonia. So they end up going on a relaxed vacation to Mauritius. Louisa confesses her love to him. But, his response shocks her. He says that she can't be the only reason for him to live. She wasn't reason enough. (That line just broke my heart.) A few days later, his death wish is granted. He gets to say a goodbye to Louisa. He changes her life even though she couldn't change his.

Overall Review:
          I had somehow expected that he would die. But there was this teeny tiny bit of hope and possibility of him coming around. So even though I was prepared, I wasn't really prepared. I know people who love this book, but it wasn't really among my best reads. Firstly, there wasn't a solid plot. Everything was quite predictable and depressing. Secondly, the major part of the book, that is, those 6 months were very boring. I know those events are supposed to bring life in Will but it just got monotonous. But at the end, I was extremely heart broken.
Sometimes if the end gets to people, they say they love the book. That happens with me in the first stages of book hangover. Only after the hangover ends, I go back and think about the book as a whole. So the book gave me real pain and sorrow. But later I realised how uninteresting the previous part of the book was. So I ended up giving 3 stars to it on Goodreads.

What's your opinion about 'Me Before You'? Have you read 'After You'?


  1. I was planning to buy this book. But, your review has changed my mind. It's a hyped novel, though.
    Found your blog through Paper Fury.
    Happy Reading!

  2. It sounds like something I'd like to read, but didn't you just give away the ending?

  3. Read it myself- once again, you are always on point!

  4. I love the quote about it actually being your duty to live life fully. Very true in many ways. As a Christian, I believe God wants me to live each day to the fullest :)

  5. Great review, I've heard that it is quite a depressing book. I already have a copy though, so I'll give it a try!

  6. Literally just finished and started the sequel last night. I loved it but I am easily pleased. I did not find it slow or depressing. Well depressing for Will but not for the other characters. The second book starts out a little tragic but we will see where it goes.

  7. I've never heard of the book hangover, but you are so right! When I finished the book I was like, "Awesome Book!" but the beginning wasn't a 5 star.

  8. Sounds interesting! I rarely have time to read these days, and when I do, I always end up reading blogs haha


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