Thursday, 5 November 2015

Your Favourite Lyrics Say A Lot About You.

          There's a reason why our favourite books and movies are our favourites. And there's a reason why our favourite songs are our favourites. I had heard that a person's favourite lyrics say a lot about them. It brings out their thinking and emotions. It's a way of saying something without actually having to say it. Sometimes it's something really deep while at other times it's just random. I've been listening music a lot recently and I agree by and large with that concept. There's always a song defining my mood. And there's always one sentence which I sing with deep passion. That feeling made me write this post. Here are some of the lyrics I sing out loud as if it's my own life story.

1. "They'll tell you I'm insane."
Blank Space, Taylor Swift.

2. "I've got a jet black heart and there's a hurricane underneath it."
Jet Black Heart, 5 Seconds of Summer.

3. Dear No One, Tori Kelly.
(Basically the entire song.)

4. "This is a modern fairy tale. No happy endings. No wind in our sails."
The Heart Wants What It Wants, Selena Gomez.

5. "Say what you wanna say and let the words fall out. Honestly, I wanna see you be brave."
Brave, Sara Bareilles.

6. "Only words bleed."
Photograph, Ed Sheeran.

7. "Tryna find you but I just don't know.. where do broken hearts go?"
Where Do Broken Hearts Go, One Direction.

8. "I screamed so loud but no one heard a thing."
Clean, Taylor Swift.

9. "I might be okay but I'm not fine at all."
All Too Well, Taylor Swift.

10. "It's gonna be all right."
Shake It Off, Taylor Swift.

          Don't read too much in these sentences or you'll figure me out. But. there are more sad lyrics here than happy ones. I think that music has this magical power to make me sad even when I'm not and make me happy when all I want to do is cry. Sometimes these lyrics just touch my heart and then there's no doubt I'll sing them for the next 24 hours.  I think that's the power of art. Books, movies and music can change my mood swiftly.
Sometimes I'll just keep lip-sync songs while I'm on a walk. But sometimes, I'll sing alone in my room understanding every syllable. There's just no in-between.

Which are your favourite lyrics? How do they define you?


  1. You're so right! Lyrics are really revealing!

  2. Haha very nice! It's true, the music always reflects ourselves.

  3. They really do break down how you feel, I always find myself changing music with my mood!

  4. Thank you for sharing. As I thought about my lyrics it dawned on me that I have different songs for different feelings and times in my life. Certain songs highlight specific events or moments. Last year I sang the song "I'm the Man" by Aloe Blacc because it was my son's song before basketball games. Now, when I hear the song or sing it, I remember all the trips we took to his games. Thanks for the post.

    1. What a memorable thing! That happens with me too! :D

    2. We do create a soundtrack to our lives. Shows how powerful music is to our heart and life.

  5. My mother claims The Beatles' music is her very best therapy... for me, it's Garbage. :) Specifically the song "Vow."

  6. I'm in a band with my siblings and I write a lot of the lyrics. I'm always thinking about how certain lines might be heard by someone else. It's nice to see someone recognize the feelings and effort that goes into that.

    1. It's so good to know that from a musician herself! For me, lyrics are everything!

  7. Considering I can't stop singing hotline bling I hope it doesn't say too much about me! ;-)

  8. I love listening to music whenever I can and listen to a wide range of songs but I do agree that lyrics can say a lot about you and how you are feeling at that time.

  9. Hmm . . . yesterday I woke up singing Baby By Me by 50 Cent. . . I'm not sure what this says about me. I think my favorite lyrics change by the week, or by my mood. There are some songs that can put me in a FANTASTIC mood - like "I could be the one" by Aviici or "Take me Home" by Cash Cash. Then there are songs that can put me in tears. One time I was overly-exhausted from Jet Lag and traveling, I missed the guy I was dating at the time, and "Mirrors" by JT came on the ONE channel I could watch in the country I was at and I just sat in my towel, BAWLING because the song was so beautiful and sad. As it turns out, that guy was obsessed with that song as well and actually looked like JT a little bit too and made me listen to it 8 times in a row on our way somewhere and after we broke up the song still brought me to tears. Gosh that was a long story. But you said you wanted to be best friends. . . so here we are. I'm starting our friendship

    1. Oh my God, even I have songs as per my moods! And that story was so touching. Music indeed makes us nostalgic and brings out the best and worst in us. I have incidents like that too. Whenever I feel low, I listen to songs like 'Roar' or 'Brave'. When I feel lonely, I listen to 'Dear No One'. And when I'm happy, I just increase the volume to pop/rock! It's going to be great to know you. :)

  10. Music and emotions are totally tied together - so it definitely makes sense to me that a favorite song would reflect personality! Falling for the First Time by BNL is one of my favorites and I feel like it totally describes me.

  11. I agree that music can be a powerful healing force. For a time, I was planning to become a music therapist. This sounds like a great program.
    Wonderful! I love reading stories like this, you must have been so proud. Hope you're all doing well now!


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