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It Started With A Friend Request. (Book Review #19)

          I love Indian writing. When I say that, I mean authors like Sudha Murty, Amish Tripathi, Salman Rushdie. Not authors like Durjoy Datta, Preeti Shenoy, Ravinder Singh and Sudeep Nagarkar. I know that Indians are huge fans of romantic novels and movies. I guess that's the reason why novels like 'It Started With A Friend Request' gain popularity. So, yeah, I didn't like this novel. Sorry to disappoint the author's fans. But when I don't like a book, then I just have to say it. So, anyway, this book is filled with romance. It's as sweet as any love story can get. If you're into that type, you'll end up loving it. If not, you'll just be a disgruntled reader.

          Aleesha is a graduate student who has come to Mumbai to pursue her studies. She is the most beautiful and smart girl (what a surprise!) at any time in any room. She's clingy and has trust issues.
          Akash is a dimple-faced handsome guy who works in Mumbai. He has a sad heartbreak story before he meets Aleesha. (There always has to be a sad heartbreak story, right?) He is more sensible than Aleesha when it comes to relationships. For the context of this novel, the word 'sensible' reduces to a greater extent. Because, seriously no one in this story can be deemed as sensible as per my practical way of thinking.
           Aditya is Akash's best friend. Kritika is Aleesha's best friend. These two basically exist to reconcile and help the couple throughout the story.
          Tamanna is a family friend of Aleesha. They stay together in the first few months when Aleesha comes to Mumbai. Tamanna is an introvert. She loves a guy named Deep who works at her office.
The stories of 'Aleesha and Akash' and 'Tamanna and Deep' are shown in the book.

Story Line:
          The story is so unrealistic that I can't describe it without sarcasm. Aleesha and Akash meet at a discotheque, exchange BBM pins and just like that it begins. He acts like a desperate person who has fallen in love at first sight. She, (supposedly sensible) just goes with it and decides to meet a stranger. (A handsome guy is after a beautiful girl and he gets her. So original.)
Once they start dating, they act like a lovey-dovey couple. It's understandable to be smitten but how long should this phase last? This whole obsessed with each other lovely thing lasts for 85 % of the book. The writer should portray the romantic moments in such a way that they actually sound romantic. (Not like a fairy tale.) The cute texts of how they'll be together always, how they're the moon to their sky and what not, last for such a long time that it gets too boring to read. On the other side, Tamanna wants Deep desperately while he doesn't want to get involved with his superior. Now, I understand this thing. But, if they were together, it's foolish to just assume that she'll give him all the perks and bonuses. (I mean, Derek Shepherd didn't favour Meredith Grey just because they were together!)
          There are a few stupid fights between Akash and Aleesha. Firstly, their fights are stupider than those of a school couple. And the importance of their fights is shown so intensely as that of disagreements at international level. So, yeah, doesn't make sense.
          I'll just jump to the climax now because the entire book is just love-fight-patch up-love-fight... The major twist is at the end of the book. (who keeps a plot twist at the end of the book anyway?) Now, this is a pretty major climax. If you read my review, I'm pretty sure you won't read the book. But, I won't spoil this for the sake of the author.
          If you're into such love stories, then give it a shot. Maybe you'll even like it. If not, just read Goodreads reviews about the end.

Overall Thoughts:
          I believe that relationships need the base of trust and love. Two people can love each other no matter what. But it's trust that always lacks. In this story, I found that there is no trust between them. Or I think, Aleesha doesn't trust Akash enough. She keeps doubting him. She keeps second-guessing him. She keeps tormenting and accusing him. And I get that on some level. But, a person is supposed to outgrow that. A person is supposed to start trusting their partner after a certain stage. Akash, who's mostly never at fault, keeps on trying to win her back and keep her happy. He's so blinded by love that he never sees situations with clarity. What kind of a guy can be in a relationship where his girlfriend doesn't trust her? I thought that after the twist, she'll change. But, she doesn't. So, I really think that the book should've ended like this-
a) Either she starts really trusting him.
b) Or they break up.
          Another thing which was off was the structure of the novel. If the plot twist would've been after 50 % of the book, even then I would've liked it a bit better.
          On the positive side, I loved how strong friendship is portrayed between Aditya and Akash. I liked how this story could easily be real for any Mumbaikar. Even if I didn't like their cute texts, I liked them on a very immature level.
          I've rated this book at 1/5 stars on Goodreads.


  1. ouch! Yeah, doesn't sound like my thang.

  2. I've read a few Indian authors before. One I really like, and the others were too far-fetched, as this one sounds to be. Thank you for your honest review.

  3. Agh, doesn't sound like a pleasant read at all. D: And I'm not a big romance fan so...least to say NOPE. Their romance sounds really...unrealistic? Cliche? Gah. I like to read about relationships that go a bit deeper *nods*
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

  4. This is a great review I love your honesty you pour into it

  5. Thanks for the honest review! It's always helpful to hear what a book is like.


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