Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Black Butterfly. (Book Review #20)

         I came across this amazing author, Robert M. Drake via his Instagram account. I'm a romantic for words. You know those images where there's distinct text on it? I can't not look at those when they appear on my timeline. And just like that once I saw an image which had typewritten words. Every writer (or a person who loves to write) loves typewritten words! So, after reading that, I knew I had to read all his books.
          Robert M. Drake is a poet and he writes the most brilliant poems. He is the poet of the 21st century. His poems are related to emotions and feelings of the youth. He portrays little things so effectively that it leaves you mesmerized. They are unlike poems which require a deeper understanding after reading them for 50 times. His poems are real, inspiring and just lovely.

          Now, about Black Butterfly! I loved it. I finally read something after a long time which I 'loved'. There are rare few books which I give 5 stars to. And this is one if those. I finished it in two hours or so. And, it's just awesome. I do a thing while reading where I note down or bookmark all the good quotes. I ended up practically bookmarking half the book. It's the kind of collection which I can read once a month. It's that good. I recommend this book to every living soul. These are my favourites:

1. We Must Be Mad.
The truth in this poem speaks out louder than any form of prose ever will. It brings out the typical human psychology and how we function. It's brilliant.

... And in the horror of it all
is this:
we stay attracted
to everything that hurts.
We cling to it
and never really learn
to let go...

2. Home is People.
This one is for those lonely souls who have no one to share their moments. This is for those unhappy single people, old people who're on their deathbed and just anyone who feels not special or not loved.

... So we live our lives looking
for something to fill us
and give us meaning,
only to discover
that in the end,
love was never meant to be
received by one person,
but rather all the people
who made us feel at home.

3. Connects Inside.
This is another poem which will make you feel good about yourself. A must read at those low points where we all get trapped.

...You are every moment
that is meant
to be remembered.
You are everything
that matters...

4. I Wanted To Talk.
This is an amazingly written poem about a guy who controls his girl. It's about the power of women and independence.

It took me years
to understand
that the more
I tried to settle her flames
the bigger her fire grew...

These are just some parts of the entire poem. I'm sure you'll go ahead and read it entirely. Poems like these aid, inspire and give hope for the soul within the machine of a body.


  1. Wow! Your snippets from Black Butterfly are great! My favorite is Home is People <3 I moved away from home just last May for the first time ever and this is a reminder to me that just because family isn't here, I still have people here who help to make it home :) Thanks for sharing your review!

  2. Wow this sounds so beautiful! Poetry is so under appreciated nowadays

  3. Thanks for the recommendation! I've been looking for a new book to read and I think this is it!

  4. I enjoyed reading your review! Even the book cover is striking and unusual. - Trish

  5. What a glowing recommendation for Black Butterfly! I'm intrigued by the book's cover photo and the interesting quotes you shared from the book. It's exciting when you find a piece of literature or book of poems that you can really connect to.

  6. What great snippets and a glowing reference. If I ever getting my stack of 80+ to-reads down to a manageable 50 or so... ;)

  7. This sounds so interesting. I'm not a huge poetry fan but I love it!

  8. I love that you found this book on Instagram! Social media these days is amazing. Thanks for sharing this poetry book.


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