Friday, 19 February 2016

8 Tips If You Are Travelling With A Toddler.

          Travelling is something most of us are very much passionate about. It makes us feel fresh and relaxed. Visiting new places, exploring new cultures, tasting various cuisines is all part of the game if you are an avid traveller. Solo travelling has become very common these days and even travelling in groups has gained popularity. Things are entirely different if you are going with your family and that too with a toddler!

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Now be extra cautious to look into certain things if you are a family with a toddler. Have an eye at a few tips to be taken care of if you are travelling with your toddler.

1. Reach Your Airport/Station Ahead Of Time

          You are going to travel with a toddler and things are not that easy to manage with them around you. So leave your home to reach the airport or the station a little ahead of your planned schedule. There is no harm even if you arrive a little early. Try booking your tickets ahead. Check out online websites like Yatra and MakeMyTrip if you want to book flights. They have fantastic deals to various destinations. Avail amazing discounts on your tickets and even accommodation using Yatra Coupons or MakeMyTrip Coupons.

2. Carry Eatables

          Remember to carry eatables along with you. It is wise if you take foods that last longer. Give fruits, homemade snacks and even dry fruits. They can help in filling your toddler’s tummy for a longer time.

3. No Sugar

          Do not try to bribe your kid by giving him candies or any sugary edibles. It will make him crave for more and the moment you end up with the stock, and then they will ask for more! Then it becomes a challenge to manage them. But carrying a little of sweets is, after all, fine.

4. Cartoons, Books, Colors

          Carry any one of these at least as it can make your toddler get engaged for some time. Get your iPad with their favorite cartoon or bring their favorite storybook or even get their coloring book and colors so that they will make themselves busy.

5. Talk To Them

          It is good if parents spend some time talking to their toddlers while they are on the way. Make them understand where you are going and what is there to see and the attractions for them to enjoy at the place. Answer all their queries and then they will listen to you as they will be more excited to reach the place.

6. Be Patient

          Toddlers they are and can be mischievous at times. Parents should be patient enough to tolerate them. Do not scold them in public but rather talk to them about love and care and ask them not to be mischievous as there are other people around who might get disturbed.

7. Carry Toys

          It is sometimes good to carry any of their favorite toys as it can help them to become silent for some time. If your luggage isn’t that heavy, then it is good that you carry a few of them. It can make them happy and they will be busy in their world.

8. Listen To Them

          No matter what, give your ear to what they have to tell you throughout the journey. They will be happy. If you do not listen to them, they can become irresistible and naughty and will become unmanageable.

I hope you found these tips useful. What are some of the ways in which you manage toddlers while travelling?


  1. A movie goes a long way too if your toddler is crabby!

  2. YES for #4!!!! I bought a book of stickers for our last flight and it got me like a solid hour of quiet. These are great tips!!

  3. I don't have children but have many nieces and nephews. Great tips for them!

    Greta |

  4. Whenever I travel without my toddler, I feel like I am missing something the entire time lol! I love traveling with my little guy, and all of these tips are SO true. I like to wrap a little present from the dollar store for him to enjoy, sometimes I do a few. The unwrapping alone is half the fun!

  5. I always bring so. many. activities. My 5 year old does really on planes, but his 3 year old sister has the attention span of a flea. I bring about 12 different activities- coloring, play dough, puzzles, books- so as soon as she begins to lose interest, I can whip out the next exciting thing.

  6. I love carrying snacks and activities! Definitely agree with you on the no-sugar thing. That is just asking for a disaster. haha

  7. These are great tips! We will be taking a road trip with my twin toddlers, so snacks and toys are a must.

  8. Helpful tips! I always brought lots of snacks and new small toys when my kids were little. That seemed to help a lot.

  9. Yes, yes, and yes! I can't say enough good things about this list. I especially like the listening to them part. I think when we are traveling it can kind of be stressful for adults until you reach your destination, which can cause you to not pay attention to what your child really needs. Definitely makes for a cranky kid and then a cranky adult. No fun!

  10. Snacks are so important!

  11. These are great tips... especially listening to them and no sugar

  12. Thank you for reading everyone. :)


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