Saturday, 24 June 2017

I'm Back, Babies!

Hello Readers!!!
When I give up on something or take a break, usually I end up quitting that thing. But, this time, just between blogging and I, 'we were on a break' and we're ready to patch up!
In the last 2 months of my blogging break, I have come to realise a lot of things; people, circumstance, intent, perspective, lessons.

"I might not understand why people choose what they choose, but I do understand my version of why they choose to do it.
I might not understand how people fall in and out of love, but I do understand how easy it is for them to do that.
I might not understand what people get by flaunting their rights, but I do understand why they do it.
I might not understand a lot of people, but I understand a few, and I am sticking with those gems."

It is important to understand people and to become a good writer, it is necessary to not only understand my own version of events, but also everyone else’s point of views when it comes to that certain event. Even if that event is as dense as bullying or as shallow as teasing. Those two sides of the coin, which are really 100 realms on each side of the same coin need to be explored wildly and traversed bravely. Without this, there won’t exist a piece of work which will leave the reader in that speechless wonder which any art form demands.

If I say that I have been thinking about what to blog about for these entire 2 months, then I'd be lying. But, yes, these two months have definitely prepared me for it. I do have a plan. A woman with a plan! Well, women always have plans, because someone's got to make them! So, I have a few ideas thought out. But, before I actually start scheduling, writing, marketing and developing these ideas into words, I thought of taking your opinion into account. 'You', being all readers of 'Mindscape in Words' and my fellow bloggers (whom I missed so much. There's a lot of backlog reading to do!) So, here's my plan of action! I have worked through these four areas.

1. Talk on 'TED Talks':
After a lot of introspection, I have observed a thing about myself. Even though I read a lot, watch a lot and observe a lot, I don't always opinionate a lot. It's like, when I hear something, I'll read up on that so that I am informed about the situation. But, I don't exactly know what I feel regarding it. Like, would you rather be drowned or be burned alive? Or would you rather be a panda or a penguin in another life? These are of course minuscule and I could answer them after a bit of thinking. I think I'd rather be burned alive but I also want to be a penguin, which leads to a contrast of fore and ice. (This leads me to thinking about Game of Thrones finale) I'm sure, if you've read so far, you might be thinking I have some point, but, I really don't. Except that the new series I want to start is about my talk on one of the 'TED Talks'.
I'll watch a video and think about it, express my opinions and you all can join in with your views. And these TED Talks are fabulous and so motivating that it'll help with the whole pessimist thing I've got going since 1994. This kind of writing and reviewing theme does not fit in my genre of blog, but I thought my blog should be whatever I want it to be, right? And here, I really wanted the opinion of other bloggers! Please help me out. Is this a good idea? How can I make it better? Your suggestions really matter to me.

2. Short Stories:
I am going to focus on writing short stories, like a few I had written back in 2015. After writing so many 'short short stories' in my Monday Moments series, I thought of leveling up a bit with longer stories which will make me think of a deeper plot with more interesting characters and more exquisite detailing like the beauty of the infinite sky, wildness of the deep forests and fearlessness of her youth. So, yeah, short stories! Although, at an initial stage, I have decided of writing 2 stories a month. I will see how I will progress on this depending upon the response and how much time I get. This will be my main focus towards a larger goal.

3. Book Reviews:
Any person in my life would tell you that I had been off-track for the last 2 years. So, obviously, it goes without saying that I read very little in that time period. Now that I am me again, let me just say it loud and clear, I LOVE BOOKS & READING IS STILL MY FAVOURITE THING TO DO. And as much as I love to read, I also love to write reviews! (I think I shall rename my blog to Review blog. I mean I am reviewing books & TED Talks. I might as well start collaborations with a friend as to TV shows and movies!) Anyway, currently I am reading Jane Eyre. If you're an ardent reader, I know you are probably judging me because I am reading this phenomenal book so late. Go ahead and judge, I don't mind. The book is fabulous! I'm loving it so far. But, I might not consider reviewing such a classic. But, I am going to read more often and write more book reviews. You can say about once or twice a month. But, as reading goes, it really depends a lot on my mood! So, we'll see. You can read some of my earlier reviews here. I hope you'll love them!

4. Monday Moments:
I have loved doing Monday Moments series throughout its span of 100 posts. I have grown as a writer because of it. It taught me how to express something just in a few words. It taught me discipline to write every week. It taught me to be empathetic. Above all, it taught me how to be a better writer and for that, I'll be forever thankful. But, as I am beginning a new phase for my blog, I have decided to not continue with Monday Moments series. As much as difficult it was for me to make that decision, I'm sure some of you readers will miss it too. And so, I am going to write a post with my favourite posts, along with a twist, as a goodbye.

5. Adultish Series:
Well, I have observed a trend which is quite normal in people among my age group.It goes something like this...
"I completed my education, I have a grown-up job, I can consider myself as an adult now. Having said that, I literally laugh out loud at memes. My only love life is with pizza or biryani. The only day I love is Saturday. (Sundays are spent with the sadness, anxiety and anticipation of Mondays. I hate Mondays.) I communicate with my friends by tagging them in memes and sometimes by texts. My introverted self gets excited by cancelled plans. So, yeah, I guess I am a man-child/woman-child."

I’d love to write something on all of this, because basically we all are just that and everyone can relate to this phase of life. But, I wonder if I’d be able to write humour successfully. So, this part is still in the testing! Let’s hope that I can pull this off! Fellow bloggers, suggestions are welcome, as are collaborations!

That is it for now! I will write soon, start posting soon, see you all soon.
I’ve missed this. I’ve missed you. 😊


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  2. happy to see you back in the blogging world!

  3. Yes! Being a kid at hard even when we are "all grown up" is so relateable! I think pretty much everyone feels that way sometimes (or a lot of the time in my case, haha)

  4. Welcome back! Your plan looks great and I'm excited to see what you start putting out. :)

  5. welcome back!!! your plan looks awesome!


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