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Friday, 22 September 2017

No Major Missing. (Diary Logs #3)

Hello Readers! Here goes the third post in the diary logs post! The second one is still my favourite! Again, let me tell you all, these posts are purely fictional. Read through this one & tell me how you feel!


I saw a photo on Instagram the other day. Two girl best friends on a road trip captioned 'Day 42'. I stared into thin air after reading that. I thought about doing it. Then I realised there isn't a single person with whom I'd want to go travel the world. Not a one. And the worst thing is I don't feel anything about it. I don't have any friends & I don't miss the ones I had. I guess travelling round the world solo would be much more fun than doing it with someone, but how would I know, I never had a best friend...

I don't miss anything anymore. Everything has changed. I'm not the same, in the least.
I have the same circle of people I had before but something has changed. I don't feel connected with them and that's fine because I don't care. I won't miss them. I haven't met a few ex-colleagues with whom I've shared a lot of moments & that's fine too because it doesn't seem to bother me.
The days when I couldn't stay still 2 days are gone. I can stay still forever, like a walking corpse & it doesn't matter. I'm not missing out living because there's nothing to it. There's no major & no missing, because there's barely anything to live, really.

I wish I was capable of human emotions like everybody else, but I guess I know better. My heart doesn't go out to a crying baby. I don't cry when anyone dies. I don't feel happy when my Amazon order comes before the expected date. I don't cringe if someone is cutting a dead or live body in films or real life. I don't feel the danger while speeding my car. I don't invest my emotions in ice cream & romantic movies, because it just doesn't make any sense. Neither do I pray or hope for a miracle, because I've seen worse & know better than to expect the unexpected.

I won't feel much if I see someone jump off a building to commit suicide. I won't feel much if I see some victims being rescued. I won't feel much about anything because whatever that can happen, has happened with me, and I have lived through whatever worst imaginations you can think of. So yes, there's no major missing. There are no feelings left. I am barely left.
Am I sane? Yes.
Am I alive? Doubtful.
Does it matter?

Monday, 18 September 2017

Kidding Around. (Daily Commute #3)

Hello Readers! I hope you're enjoying the Daily Commute series as much as I am! Just like Monday Moments, it gives me something to look forward to on a Monday. If you have any funny or weird or awkward stories to share, feel free! This one's about a naughty kid I saw the other day in the metro!


It was another Friday evening. I wonder how my stories revolve around Fridays so much? Probably because I have to post on Monday? Perhaps! So, as usual, I was hustling my way on the metro. Usually, I don't like to stand in the doorway. I go all the way in. Unlike railways, it's really difficult to observe people in the metro. They are brightly lit. Population is less savage & more civilised. So, you can't just stare at people under the pretext of observation for a lit blog series!

Anyway, inside, there was a lady with a small child sitting. I stood in front of them as there wasn't any space elsewhere. The girl was around 5 or 6 years? I have no idea, I can never guess the age of children! She was fair & had the most beautiful curly hair tied into a ponytail. But, her hair around forehead was kind of loose & looked gloriously messy! She had large black eyes which hinted a sense of mischief, no doubt. She was wearing a two-piece pink top & pink leggings, which she totally rocked! Children these days have the most fashionable clothes! And, there I was wearing another All-Black outfit; black tee with black jeans! (I love it, though.)

Once the crowd in the metro cleared out, I got space to sit next to the little girl. But, what she saw was an open stage. She began to run up & down in the tiny space. There's this pole at multiple places to cling to for support. She clasped it for dear life & didn't let it go until the ride was over! She was swinging round & round it! Giving all of us tired folks, her best moves. She was one action-packed entertainer, I'd say! She even hit her head, but nothing bothered her. She enjoyed the attention. All eyes were on her! It was such a blast!

On days like these, I try not to think whether I was such a cool kid or shy even then. I try not to think whether she will be this happy when she grows up & this bold to live her life to the extent. I try not to think so much, because you never know. So, just for once, I enjoyed the little girl having fun, in that little moment. I made myself happy by watching her happy, on the commute, for a matter of few minutes and that's what it takes!

Friday, 15 September 2017

Dude, Look What You Made Me Do. (Diary Logs #2)

Hello Readers! Welcome to another page of the diary logs! Just to tell you all, these entries are entirely fictional & just something I came up with. There are many people struggling with a lot of things & reading something relatable always feels good & helps to make a connection. This one's about some hidden dilemmas each person faces in their love life, but probably doesn't quite perceive them in this way.


Dear Diary,
Being human, we get dilemmas all the time. Sometimes it's as minuscule as pizza or pasta, beer or vodka, orchids or roses. But, the big life-changing decisions need so much of thinking, evaluation & analysis. Especially when it comes to love life, why does it have to be so complicated? Dating, relationships, commitments, and is there anything else I don't know about!? It's such a difficult world out there, whether you are single or committed. But, from whatever I’ve been reading in novels or watching in these many romcoms, I have come to some really abstract views about love. There's so much written about it, so many conflicting thoughts from equally important personalities that I'm quite in a pickle again. So, diary, help me, will you? Here goes, the maze in my head!
  • Opposites Attract:
This one has been along for such a long time; Opposites attract! But, is attraction enough? What about after that? Connection? Emotional bonding? Feelings? And that's just one aspect of it. You can go ahead with your casual one-night stands with this 'opposites attract' philosophy. But, I'm talking about love here. The main thing is, once the ‘attraction’ fades, you focus on the 'opposite' aspect of it which then makes you realise how you're not made for each other, because all you do is argue. So, what to do? Go with your gut, or stay single for the rest of your life? Then, he make mundane statements like, "You've changed so much." And you'd actually start to question your identity, along with your self-worth. And all this time, you won't realise that he has already just 'changed his mind' from a shy & short lady of the month to a tall & curly haired lady of the month to a crazy & loud lady of the month, probably questioning her about some other mundane questions?
  • You're Not an Option:
You hear this one all the time too; how to not make anyone your priority when they treat you like an option. How I'm not a backup plan or anybody's second choice! When did we we lose value for each other? When did humanity became such an abysmal sea of tears that we judge our self-worth by being another's first or second choice? Screw them. And then, on the other hand, you watch a film & the girl says, "I'll wait for you, because you're worth waiting." So, is she supposed to wait for him until he sleeps with a couple of girls and then comes back to her because apparently, she's 'marriage material’? DUDE, It doesn't work that way, at least, it shouldn't.
  • In the Moment:
This is the crappiest thing, I believe. Is there ever anything that's supposed to happen at the right time? You plan & plan & plan, but whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. You want your first kiss on the beach, under the moonlight, while you're filled with dreams of the future, but instead you get sunburn & drunk depression. Are you supposed to wait for the 'perfect moment' or just go with the flow? Because you might as well wait 84 years if you decided for the 'perfect moment' to arrive. Also, you might as well be framed stupid & taunted for life if you do something 'in the moment'.

How am I supposed to function in such a complicated world?
How am I supposed to understand people’s evil mind games hidden behind their fake smiles, when I don't even understand myself?
How am I supposed to identify the ‘pack of wolves’ who are all in sheep’s clothing?
How am I supposed to move on from one person to another in a matter of a few months when people can do that in a matter of minutes?
How am I supposed to 'let it go' when people have tied me with a rope that keeps me dragging toward the past & into the grave?
How am I supposed to survive in this world where I feel a diary to be more human than any real human being I have ever met?

Tell me, dear diary...

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

The One With F.R.I.E.N.D.S. (Mindscape Reviews #2)

Hello Readers! After about 2 weeks of announcing about TV Show Reviews, here goes the FIRST one! This one has been especially fun, because it was the first time I collaborated for writing! So, all the TV Show Review will be in collaboration with Omkar Vaidya!
So, after weighing a lots of pros & cons about which one to consider for the first review, we decided to take up the evergreen show F.R.I.E.N.D.S!


Be it a tiring day after work or just a lazy Sunday afternoon, my way to de-stress always comes with a few episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Even if I want to watch something else, I watch one episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. at the beginning, then get on with it. It's like a compulsion. I have to watch at least one episode during the day. Oh my God, am I Monica? Well, I can go on & on about different sorts of patterns why we like what we like, but then you might feel I'm too Ross? What is up with me? Maybe I'm too into my own thoughts, or wait, it feels like I'm just talking to myself like Phoebe does!

How is it that even after the hit American sitcom has ended, a decade later, you still watch it every other day & find yourself relating to every character in some way or other? The brilliance & simplicity of this show has inflicted upon the lives of everyone who has watched it. No matter which country or ethnicity or religion you belong to, when it comes to F.R.I.E.N.D.S, there's unity! It's The One Where We're All F.R.I.E.N.D.S!! Because, when it hasn't been your day, your week, your month or even your year, F.R.I.E.N.D.S will be there for you!  

I was discussing this with Omkar & it was he who thought about this. No matter how different Ross, Monica, Chandler, Rachel, Phoebe & Joey are from each other, we find some part of them in ourselves. We've always related to them in some way. Sure, one character may have a larger influence than the other. But, just because you're too much of control freak like Monica doesn't mean you can't also be a little bit weird like Phoebe lip syncing to songs on your morning jog! So, here you go, we cannot talk ENOUGH about F.R.I.E.N.D.S, but we tried to put it all in a nutshell…

Well, F.R.I.E.N.D.S (1994-2004) has been one of the most watched & everyone's favourite TV show according to IMDB. Okay, I made that up, but it has to be true! If you haven't watched it, what are you doing with your life!? The show's 10 seasons are comprised with a roller coaster ride of all the emotions you could possibly feel, wherein humour tops the list & leaves your stomach aching. No matter how many times you have watched it, you'll laugh at all the same jokes time & again. This show made 6 people from almost-nobodys to somebody the entire world loved. How amazing is that? I know them better than some of my actual friends. I'd say that one of my friends is a 'transponstor' because I don't really know what she does, but whatever, IT’S NOT EVEN A WORD!

Those who must have watched it when it originally aired, must have had so much fun, but I have no idea what kept you going with so many cliff hangers! I literally watched the entire show in one or two weeks, I think. And ever since then, I must have easily watched it 6 or more times & I never get bored of it. I need it every day, like a dose of medicine to stay sane.

There are 6 main characters as you must know. Female leads are Monica Geller, Rachel Green & Phoebe Buffay. Male leads are Chandler Bing, Ross Geller & Joey Tribbiani. In my opinion, throughout the 10 seasons, I have seen Rachel grow more than anyone else. There has also been significant character development with Chandler as well. However, Phoebe & Joey somehow remain their same innocent & weird selves. Ross & Monica change a bit, but not significantly. Given everything, we love them, anyway!


As far as Friends goes, I think my favourite EPISODE starring my favourite GUEST ACTOR will be 'The One with the Rumor' (S08 E09) with Brad Pitt! Where shall I begin explaining? From that one sexy stare to his personality to how amazing Brad & Jen look together (on & off screen) to that best chemistry between Ross & in fact Will? to the 'I hate Rachel Green Club'. And how can we miss out the way Phoebe was openly crushing on him, I mean, who wouldn't? The entire energy of that episode was on a whole different level! Probably because of the best couple in Hollywood or probably just because it's F.R.I.E.N.D.S
Moving on to my favourite supporting character, it'd be Mike Hannigan (Paul Rudd), for sure! Other than him, one character who moved along the story line from 'awww' to 'LOL' was Gunther (Central Perk?)
Some DISLIKED characters would be Eric, who played Ursula's fiance (Sean Penn); just wasn't likable.


Well, there are 10 seasons & so many episodes, so to pick any one favourite is next to impossible, so I have a LOT of favourites, but I have cherry-picked a few for you all! My absolute favourite EPISODE would be 'The One Where Everybody Finds Out'. (S05 E14) It is just hilarious & I can't buy enough merchandise that says, "They don't know that we know they know we know!"
Going ahead, my favourite GUEST STAR would be Adam Goldberg who plays the character Eddie in the episodes 'The One Where Eddie Moves In' (S02 E17) & 'The One Where Eddie Won't Go' (S02 E19). So, you see what I did there? Under the pretext of favourite guest star, I gave you another favourite episodes.
Well, as far as weddings go, Phoebe & Mike's wedding is my favourite! It's in the street & it's Phoebe! Everyone's outfits are on point, unlike earlier weddings! I just love it!


When we were discussing about favourites, we couldn't decide on a favourite character, but when we talked about favourite episodes, this one was on both of our lists as I'm sure will be on yours! It's none other than 'The One with the Embryos'. (S04 E12) If you're a true fan, you won't only know the answers to all the questions, but the questions along with the categories as well! The craziness of the series is best depicted in this episode! I mean, switching apartment? Having your brother's babies? WOAH!! That’s the stuff.

All these characters & the story line in the show is very different from us & yet we find ourselves in them. Usually when you watch some show, you get attached to one character a lot. But, in this case, we can relate to all the 6 characters, and “OH MY GOD”, sometimes, I can even relate to Janice! (please, tell me you do too?) So, anyway, in our own way, we carry all of their personalities with.

We are a bit obsessive, thanks to Monica..
We are a bit sarcastic-funny, thanks to Chandler..
We are openly geeky, thanks to Ross..
We are in touch with the kid in us, thanks to Joey,
We are following our dreams, thanks to Rachel,
And we are all wonderfully weird, thanks to Phoebe..!!

Is it perfect? Maybe Not! 
Do we care? Absolutely Not! 

So grab some popcorn & remember the motto: Binge!
Tell us your favourite thing about friends & lets discuss!!

Monday, 11 September 2017

Women Power, No Really! (Daily Commute #2)

Hello Readers! Welcome to the second post of Daily Commute! I thought I'd tell you a story about a Friday to kick start your Monday! So, this one's about the Women compartment of the Indian Railways and what comes along with that --- > Women Power!
Go ahead & read the fun!


There I was, standing on the crowded Ghatkopar station, waiting for a train at 9:30 PM. It had been the longest & not to mention toughest day. But, finally it was a Friday so I was looking forward to the weekend to get some rest! But, there was still a lot of time for that as I still had to reach home. I was standing on the platform. I never know where exactly to stand. On the left or right of the door & so I end up standing in between the doors & land up boarding the train after everyone else, or sometimes get left behind. A lot of things were going through my mind... Work things.. Personal stuff.. Which book to read or TV show to binge.. Weekend plans: social meetups or hibernation? To be or not to be, as I call it!

I glanced at all the ladies around me. One girl was busy taking pictures of the moon. She sure had some great app on her phone that I ALMOST asked her which app was it. Another lady was busy keeping her kid from petting the street dog & also not losing him anywhere. Most 30-40 aged women were either on Whatsapp or Facebook browsing through stories or recipes while the younger population were on Instagram or Snapchat. But, almost everyone was hooked on their mobile phones, like it was mandatory! I felt estranged & took out my phone, just because!!! Can you imagine!

Soon, I realised, I had been waiting for the train for over 10 minutes! It had become too crowded by then & given my little experience of public transport, I became irritated & began to lose my patience. It felt like I'll have to leave that train & that meant postponing weekend for more minutes!
After some time, the train was there! I don't know how, but this time, I was standing exactly at the proper spot & even if I wouldn't have wanted to get in, all the women pushed me in any way! So, somehow, I got in on a Kalyan train (which is the MOST crowded train, in my opinion.) Inside, it was so chaotic, I got inside & just chose to stand, giving up my hopes & dreams to ever get a seat. And the thing is about 90% people go on asking people with seats where they are getting down & I HATE to do that. I'd rather stand than do that. Call it stupid, but whatever, times are not that worse! I wondered how do these elder women travel 1 or 2 hours by train standing up, when I can't do it for 20 minutes! Some of them are such professionals! They immediately understand novices like me & I almost laugh about it like, "Okay woman, you got me there, now don't make me ask you for your seat! Give it to me instead of some other professional commuter!" 

Now, I am all in for feminism & all the way #WomenPower , but this women power, in trains is at a different level!

If you stand at the door when you don't want to get down at the next stop,
you'll know what's Women Power!!
If you sit when someone leaves & they've offered it to someone else prior,
you'll know what's Women Power!!
If you don't shift & give someone space for that fourth seat, boy,
you'll know what's Women Power!!

All Indians out there, is it similar with you? Or have you gotten used to the hustle & bustle of Mumbai life?

Friday, 8 September 2017

Farewell... (Diary Logs #1)

Hello Readers! This is my FIRST 'Diary Logs' post. It is especially important as it is for my best friend who is one of my favourite human-alien on this planet!! Here's to our friendship & many more years to come. Let distance never become a barrier & just some foolish thing we laugh over!

I remember the day she had called me up. She plainly said, "I'm going to Delhi." I plainly thought, "That's nice. You're going on another trip!" Then she slowly completed the sentence, "I mean, I am moving to Delhi."

That moment was the worst one I have felt in my life. It was worse than a breakup. My best friend was moving across the country, leaving me behind, it felt unfair. It was like someone had punched me in the face and I couldn't recover from this blow.

It felt like someone had taken away my security blanket.
It felt like I was falling in a baseless pit.
It felt like tagging her in memes without ever getting a response. (Yes!)
It felt like a LOT of things.
But, most of all, I just couldn't feel anything at all. I was in shock.

Ever since I heard that, I went into a flash back mode. I couldn't help but think about all our memories together. I remembered a thousand different things that I'd miss about her. I remembered the times I stayed at her place and how much we enjoyed those slumber parties! I remembered how we first met and how easily we bonded, then became distant, then came close, then eventually became inseparable. I remembered how touched she was when I wrote something for her for one of her important moments in life. I also know she might have been sad when I didn't write anything for the most important moment for her life that followed. It touched me when she said that she had stayed in Mumbai for an extended period only for me. I remembered her every day in the rings she gave me which were engraved with the words 'Best', 'Friends', 'Forever'...

I remember the last time I met her. We stayed up talking all night, about things that mattered & things that didn't. About lost causes & not so lost ones too. About dreams & aspirations. About friendship & love. About having each other’s' back. It was that day and there's today. It's 2 AM. I'm struggling with this post, which is supposed to come off pretty easily, but important things take time. But then, I call her up, and we're talking about so many things at the same time, like old days. And it feels like nothing has changed. It feels just like the countless times we've spent together; talking, reminiscing, connecting with songs, getting high over the lyrical beauty & sadness of music. It feels right. It feels like us; M & C. And just like that, it feels like she's sitting right next to me while we're having a little dance party and there's no distance separating us.

Even though you're far away, this distance has brought us closer. You're my best friend. You're my soul mate. I understand your reasons for going away & I am beyond happy that you're doing what you're doing. You should remind yourself your purpose of being there every day. You are going to be a hero! Follow your dreams. Be brave. You always have been! You just don't know it. You have got the chance to remake your life. Not everyone does, darling. Give it your best shot! And make yourself happy! Just, be happy!
PS: Don't forget me. I love you! x.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Holding Up the Universe. (Mindscape Reviews #1)

It had been a while since I read Young Adult fiction and when I heard that Jennifer Niven had written another novel, I ordered it right away. I read her 'All the Bright Places' and I was amazed by the story and her writing style. But, when it comes to YA, I should learn to start confiding in a few authors.
Holding Up the Universe is a coming-of-age novel focussed on 2 teens who have some serious issues and how they manage to work through them while surviving high school, family ups and downs and mean people. So, yeah, it felt like deja vu. It was that trip down the lane which I never wanted to remember.
The thing about this novel is that at least some part of it will make you connect to the story in some way, either minor or major. Because every high school student experience involves bullying, failed romantic relationships, meaningless dates, unclear goals, family fights and so on. And at the end of it, every high school student experience concludes in learning from all the crap that happens to us in that shitty period. Holding Up the Universe is just about that. It is a light read, nothing spectacular, nothing extraordinary. It is very common in the sense that everyone will find it relatable and end up liking it. Unfortunately, I'm not made  for generalised reading and so I didn't like it much.

The main characters in this novel are Libby Strout and Jack Masselin.
Libby Strout is an overweight girl who had to be rescued from her own house because she was too huge to walk. And that's what she gets known for; America's Fattest Teen. But, she isn't that person anymore. I liked the fact that she knows herself and accepts her for what she is. And by that, I don't mean a fat person. I mean a person with inner strength. She knows how to stand up for herself and after having been through so much. Usually, in girls like Libby there is a high insecurity and minority complex, but not her. She had the courage to grab some stars!

Jack Masselin is that popular guy in high school who every girl lusts over and who every guy wants to be. But, being that person isn't always a merry ride. There's always another story. In this case, Jack has a disease called prosopagnosia, which is basically face-blindness due to which he cannot even recognize the faces of his family and loved ones. He's the one who lands up in a lot of trouble mainly because of this disease, but due to his douche persona, it comes off. Anyway, he is a nice person, he just doesn't know that until he meets Libby.

Together, they make each other better.

Some Favourite Quotes:
1. Every book I read & movie I watch seems to give out the same message: high school is the worst experience you can ever have.
2. "We can't fight another person's battles, no matter how much we want to."
But we can chase the bastards who terrorize them down the street.
3. Its's been my experience that the people who are most afraid are the ones who hide behind mean and threatening words.
4. If you try to carry everything around all the time, pretty soon you end up flat on your back in bed, too big to get up or even turn over.
5. Loss does that, hits you out of the blue. You can be in the car or in class or at the movies, laughing and having a good time, and suddenly it is as if someone has reached directly into the wound and squeezed with all their might.
6. It's about the way their face lights up when they laugh, or the way they move as they're walking toward you, or the way their freckles create a map of the stars.
7. Two broken, lonely people who maybe aren’t so broken or lonely anymore.
8. It’s okay to be a person. We’re all afraid. We all get hurt. It’s okay to hurt. You’d be so much more likable if you just acted human.
9. Maybe this is where we stay. Right here in this small radius where it’s safe. Maybe we can just stay right here, safe like this, forever.

Overall Thoughts:
The story starts off really good. The pace is good and it grasps the reader even though it is just the usual teen high school drama with more weight and a disease added to it. I expected a lot more from Jennifer Niven, but as usual high expectations (or rather any expectations) just lead to disappointments. So, this one was really a let down in terms of the story line, character building, development of plot and literally everything.
If you don't want to stress your brain too much, then it's okay to read it. If impracticality and plainness doesn't bother you, it's okay to read it. If you like any sort of Young Adult fiction, go for it! But, if you're looking to find meaning or if you are overweight and think reading this will help you make some connection or if you think it is a shot at high school survival or if you have any deeper purposes other than 'light reading', then you will be wasting your time. I have rated it 2/5 stars on Goodreads.  

Have you read this novel? Did you like it? Tell me about your views! Lets discuss!!!

Monday, 4 September 2017

Flooding Through Life! (Daily Commute #1)

Hello Readers! This is the FIRST post of Daily Commute!! Needless to say, I'm beyond excited! I had a lot of thoughts about what the first post in this series should be, how it would go, what would be the most interesting. And a lot of thoughts came flooding in until actually the Mumbai Floods came in! So here goes, first post of Daily Commute with an adventure!

It felt just another day of monsoon on the morning of 29th August. Instead of wearing comfortable formals, I decided to wear Indian clothes (a long kurti without pockets, leggings & new bellies.) Unfortunate choice on the day of flood, but little did I know. At 10 AM, the trains were delayed by around 15 minutes. But, given railways, that's more or less normal. So it still felt all right. I took the first train from Thane station. After the usual time, I got down at Ghatkopar station to take a metro to Andheri. As I went up the escalator to the Metro platform, it was gloriously chaotic. It was raining since morning, but at that time, I realised the intensity of it! Since the height between platform and ceiling is huge, there is no cover from rain as such, so the rain just comes flying with the wind to splash against your face leaving you in either a smile or a frown. Fortunately, I had it in me to smile as I got in the metro a couple of seconds later. I reached Andheri and after many rejections from autowallas, I finally found one who took me to my office; safe haven for the day! Or, so I thought...

I worked on an urgent requirement for a few hours, not knowing when time flew by. Soon, I started to hear all sorts of news, checked my phone, which later ringed continuously with calls from family!
"Central Railway has stopped working."
"All roads are jammed due to water logging."
"Power cuts to be expected if it continues to rain."
"Holiday declared on 30th August."

I realised that it was time to take some action if I wanted to reach home today, but I had no idea what to do! My office is far too away from home. I had only one colleague who lives nearby. So, finally, finishing off important work, we both left as early as 4 PM. We were trying to book an auto online from our office for 10 minutes with continued failed efforts. While it poured outside, we decided to just take off with no plan! Only after we reached the main road, we understood why we couldn't get an auto. The entire road was filled with traffic as far as we could see! Metro station is about 15 minutes from our office, so we started walking. And as we walked, it was like walking on a beach, the level of water kept rising and rising! After one point, vehicles weren't allowed to go further, entire area was water logged and you wouldn't believe, but water had reached up to my knees! The umbrella had proven useless as I was already COMPLETELY wet; given my poor choice of outfit. And yet, for no apparent reason, I still kept it open. Soon, some volunteers asked us and a bunch of other wanderers to cross the road unless we wanted to swim through it!

A rope was tied connecting 2 ends of the street..
Water had reached till above my thighs..
One hand holding the upturned umbrella and other clenching my bag..
Flow of the water combined with impact of rain and wind..
I was wading through the force of the water with the help of that rope..
And then, I was finally on the other side!

As much as risky it was, I was totally ENJOYING it! After all, you don't get to live such experiences often! After this adventure, nothing really surprised me. Along with my colleague, I reached Andheri metro station. We breathed a sigh of relief to have tackled one mode of transport. Thankfully, we got a metro immediately and reached Ghatkopar by 6 PM. Once we stepped down, we knew it was only going to become much worse and we were right. Central railway was CROWDED, in the worse possible manner! There were no trains! There were only people! They were awaiting for trains since 2 or 3 hours. I did not understand what was the point of it at all!? I took an easy way out and decided to stay at my relatives' place in Ghatkopar. So, my part of the adventure ended there! But, I can tell you what happened to some of the people I know. And 'adventure' is the opposite of it.

My colleague with whom I came till Ghatkopar met a friend there and they luckily got an auto which took them home by 11 PM. She reached after 4 hours of painful travelling; a journey which under 'normal circumstances' takes 25 to 30 minutes!

My father just stayed at his office for the night and came home the next day!

My nephew, at whose place I stayed for the night, had earlier stayed at his company guest house, but he came home by 2:00 AM!

Another friend of mine had to walk one entire station on the railway track because the train didn't move for hours! And had to walk many more hours until she reached home!

My brother, too walked on the water logged track and reached home with few of his colleagues who stayed at his place for the night!

While some took advantage of the situation to have fun, some had to deal with a lot of hardship. On my part,  it was a memorable experience. Not too good, not too bad. Things could have gone haywire for me, but I'm very sensible. Many of my friends and family members called to ask if I was okay. That really meant a lot to me. This is when you realise your worth, I suppose.

After 26th July 2005, this was another day when history repeated. Probably not as intense, but still it sucked. There are many things we could do on an individual level to prevent a few matters, so lets just do our part, at least for ourselves. Because we sure have established the fact that we're all too selfish when we're not stuck in a calamity. In this disaster when we were left bereft by all transport channels whom we blindly trust, not forgetting my personal favourite cab services, I was alone, and I had to find a way on my own. The only ones who were there for me in this disaster in Mumbai were other Mumbaikars as I'm sure is the case with many of you. So, here's to that! Let's keep that spirit alive, Mumbai!!

What was your #MumbaiFloods experience? Tell me in the comments below!

(Photo Credits: Patricia Galea. She has an amazing sense of photography! Thank you for sharing your click! You can follow her on Instagram)

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