Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Behind the Scenes : Redesign!

Hello lovelies!! Here's the much awaited post about the story behind my blog redesign! On 2nd September this year, Mindscape in Words completed 3 years! This time, I decided to make a few changes in the blog. Before I proceed to the redesign aspect & telling you about the complete roller coaster of a ride, let me take a minute & tell you how grateful I am for YOU!! If it weren't for you all; readers, followers, fellow bloggers & well-wishers, then, I wouldn't have been where I am today. So, a big THANK YOU with a BIG SMILE!! Also, #BloggersSupportBloggers

So, I was held up with college, exams & life the past 2 years because of which I couldn't blog much. And, now I'm caught up in my job a lot of the time. So, there's never going to be time. I’ll just have to make some. Pulling all-nighters, cutting my sleep time & then drinking espressos all day long in office. So, that's what’s happening now that I have decided to not give up on blogging & keep up with it along with everything else that goes on in life. After all, what's the point of anything, if I stop writing?

So, all of it began with an end. The end of my Monday Moments series after publishing 100 POSTS! I knew I needed something new & so I started talking with Aishwarya Deshpande. Yes, we both share the same name & we're both very talented. Thank you very much, haha. It all began when she told me that she had some time to make a logo & remake the cover photo for Mindscape in Words. I was super excited & soon that one little task turned into a whole BIG PROJECT.

Planning Out Content:
I told her about one of the series which I was sure about - Daily Commute. She thought it could be really interesting. Then, I talked to Omkar Vaidya about doing TV Show reviews & he came on-board immediately! Since I was already into book reviews, I was also excited about TV Show reviews. And soon, later on, Aishwarya was the one who came up with the title 'Mindscape Reviews'. And I was like, "YES! That's brilliant!!" So that was how the second series was born. And the third one, was pretty simple. I love creative writing about feelings & emotions. So, it was a no-brainer about the Diary Logs series. So, here we are, with 3 series, Daily Commute, Mindscape Reviews & Diary Logs.

Planning Out Photos:
Once the series were decided, we had to plan cover photos for each series. On a Friday morning, we decided to take photos for the Daily Commute series, before I left for office. And I cannot tell you how hilarious it was! We took shots on the railway station, in the train, bus station, in the metro, metro station! It was such a great time spent!
Here are some of my favourites from that photo shoot!

As for the Mindscape Reviews photo shoot, I did it by myself, with some help from dad & brother. I needed a lot of books to portray the book reviews. And I needed my laptop or TV to portray the TV Show reviews in it. So, somehow, I managed to setup everything! I cannot forget the endless video calls Aishwarya & I had till late night, because we needed everything done perfectly!
Here are the ones that didn't make the cover photo, but are still cute!

On 2nd September:
Finally, the day arrived. After many weeks of promotion & hyping up about a redesign & what not, I was ready to post! Except, nothing was ready! I was freaking out! Aishwarya was still finalising the logo. The cover was not AT ALL ready! The cover photos were ready, but they were without texts! Everything was such a disaster! I must say, I had totally lost it. Hour after hour, Aish sent me modified version of the logo. And we finally decided on this one. 'M' for Mindscape & 'W' for Words, kind of forming a reflection in water & some pebbles for a beach effect.

Another couple hours later, randomly she sent me this cover photo, which wasn't even our actual idea! But, it felt so amazing that I was just like, "Yes! This is the one!" We did not change the original turquoise & orange theme. But, in the cover, we added water & the board in the background. So, the entire look kind of felt like a beach & made me from a frowny person to a happy person. Because, well, BEACH!! And beach is blue & orange. So, it all perfectly added up & I was smiling ear to ear. In all this, I decided to add text to Mindscape Reviews whereas soon later Aish added text to Daily Commute & Diary Logs!
And, then, finally, after hours & weeks of working, the moment arrived. All changes were made. 3rd Blogiversary post was up. And it was successful! New journey had begun!

So, Aishwarya, thank you so much for helping me out with everything, tolerating my nonsense, understanding my mood swings, being an awesome friend & a perfect designer! As promised, you got your dinner, babe. A Lannister always pays his (her) debts! LOL. (I'm a Targaryen, though.)

I hope you guys enjoyed reading through the blog redesign story! Is it always like this? Share your experiences as well!

 You can know about why I started my blog & the meaning behind Mindscape in Words here.
And, you can check out my 3rd Anniversary post here!

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