Monday, 25 September 2017

That Awesome Auto Ride. (Daily Commute #4)

Hello Readers! I'm enjoying writing some of the random, funny & unexpected situations that happen on my daily commute to work. I observed that I covered my metro & train story, so I thought I'd share one of the short thoughts about an auto ride in Andheri.


One day, I reached the metro station near my office. I was a bit late & I had to take an auto rickshaw from metro station to my office. After a lot of usual rejections & waiting, I got one. From the first look, I had an "Oh no!" in my mind. That was because an old man with a white beard, wrinkly face & white clothes was driving the rickshaw. I thought that he will drive slowly making me even late for work! But as I didn't have an option, I sat in. I was rummaging through something in my bag, and there he took off!! He was speeding, better than most other drivers half his age. He was driving the vehicle like he had years of experience in it. He was such an expert. There we went cutting through traffic with songs blasting from his phone.

Then, I observed the insides of the vehicle. They were neon yellow & green. In the front, he had a few logos in metal which were golden in colour. There was a king logo that I could recognise. There was also a little pouch to keep his phone. He also had charging points! I mean, how rarely do you find that in a rickshaw? There I was sitting in this old man's rickshaw thinking that this man is cooler than I am!

First impressions really aren't anything, are they? Perceptions, imaginations, thoughts, judgements.  We continue with all these things, knowing how little they matter & understanding the consequences, yet there we are not able to control our own mind while it controls us...

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