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Monday, 23 October 2017

Those Flight Stories. (Daily Commute #8)

Hello Readers! Hope you had an amazing weekend! We celebrated Diwali in the last week, so I had a really long weekend from Thursday onward! I got to do A LOT of things; read a book, met my best friend, caught up on blogging!
Now, it's Monday & time to hustle! Here's an airport & flight story for you all to enjoy!


This is the story when I travelled solo by flight. I came back earlier than anticipated from the trip & so I had mixed feelings the entire time. It was about an hour's flight which was about to take off by 11:20 PM, but got delayed to 12:45 AM. So, I had a lot of time to kill at the airport. Unlike the Mumbai airport, there wasn't a lot to do at the Goa airport. So, I did what I do best. Observe people.

There were 2 girls sitting next to me, very chic. Updating their Snapchat story, while discussing about their next stop in Mumbai. They were too young to be on a Round The World tour, but that's what it looked like. They were probably American, I don't exactly remember. And, they had already been to a lot of places. Two girl best friends travelling the world! In any other circumstances, I'd have (maybe, but maybe not) talked to them. I wondered what they did. If they were students, how come they get to travel so much? If they were earning, was travelling their job? Did they have travel blogs that were insanely popular? I wish I knew their story & wish I could get these answers…..

There was another guy with his baby daughter whom I was intrigued by. He was fair, clean-shaven, wearing a beach-print shirt with shorts. He was too cool & too young to have a daughter. I saw this guy right from check in until I boarded the plane. He was continuously pacing all over the airport, but he wasn't tensed. I wondered whether he was a single parent? He seemed to be well off & dressed as if on vacation, then how come he brought his young daughter to Goa? Again, so many questions with no answers. Everything left open to interpretation…..

When I boarded the plane, I got a window seat. There was another guy sitting in the same row. One seat between us was empty. Another unknown story, perhaps. On the other side, I saw a girl, probably in her twentys. She was distraught & confused. She kept looking at her ticket & kept checking the time. Why was she so anxious? Until the take-off announcement, she was continuously checking her phone. Was she expecting someone to call her so that she could get off the plane? I saw her watch the city as the plane took off. Did she want to stay? Tears were constantly rolling down her eyes, which had become puffy as a result. She cried herself to sleep in that little time. I was left with a lot of dumbfounded questions at this incident. In some way, I empathised. But, I also didn't know what to do. Watching girls cry in trains was normal, but in flight? A bit unusual. Did she leave someone behind from whom she didn't want to part? Is she going to a place where she doesn't actually want to go? What was her dilemma in that moment? What was she expecting to happen? But, I know one thing, now that I think of her, I'm sure that incident only made her stronger.

Flights are way more interesting than trains or buses.
Airports are way more interesting than railway stations.
And so, I hope my flight story was way more interesting than my train/metro stories!

Friday, 20 October 2017

Left Out. (Diary Logs #7)

Hello Readers! I was touched by all your comments on my last post about the Trauma Victim. Believe me, I know how it feels & I'm glad to know that you all know it too.

Here's another fictional post about not belonging, about trying to fit in & constantly failing & how maybe it's okay, about feeling disconnected.


Dear Diary,
It was just like every other day, probably worse. I was in the canteen, sitting all by myself, reading John Green's new novel. I understood the main character on a whole different level because she suffered from anxiety quite as much as I did. When I was there reading, some of my friends came & sat on the same table as me. To be polite, I closed the book. They were discussing about some trip they were planning & they didn't even ask me to go with them. So, after 10 minutes of humiliation, I got up & left without saying a word. My 'thought spiral' had begun. I know, you'd think for a person suffering from anxiety & who chooses not to speak much, why would I want to go on a trip with them? But, sadly, that is never the point & even more sadly everyone makes that the point. It is important to ask someone & leave them with a choice, rather than shutting them out completely. If you don't do that, you're just feeding into their insecurities, doubts & anxiety.
So, diary, if I had the courtesy to close my BOOK for them, why didn't they have the courtesy to just casually ask me to come for the trip?

When will I ever belong with someone?
When will I feel comfortable in my own skin, to take a step ahead & be comfortable with others?
When will I openly speak what exactly I feel, without rehearsing it 5 times?

I want to be capable to talk about what I did over the weekend. Or start up a conversation & end it smoothly without awkward silences. Or know how to easily slide into the conversation becoming talker from listener. I want to not get panic attacks every time I want to have a conversation without rehearsing it in my head 5 times. I want such friends in my life who'd understand me for that, stick with me through that, so that eventually I'll be confident enough to speak without rehearsing in front of them! Not someone who'll single me out. Not someone who'll frame me different. Not someone who'll take me for granted.
If I had a wish, I wouldn't wish for me to be more normal. I'd wish a true friend, despite my non-normalcy.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Hey, It's Okay!

I got this idea from Glamour magazine. You can link up any day of the week. All you have to do is make a list of what you're okay about. Simple! Please do not link up a post that has nothing to do with Hey, It's Okay. It's rude and I'll delete the link.

Hey, It's Okay...

...To not put a #MeToo tag on your social media, because you are still too scared to share your story.

...To take Friday off when you already have an official Thursday leave so that you have a really long weekend to relax, for a change.

...To take ONE day off from work, blogging & people.

...To have lost faith in people, trusting them & loving them because of one life-altering incident.

...To binge-watch, binge-read, binge-eat, binge-think. 

...To go on your building terrace only to scream on top of your lungs, just to let it all go.

...To always go on a bike ride on Sundays, just to get some peace of mind.

...To cut people off from your life for your own good & to be yourself in a world full of cliche & fake people.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Hyderabad Journals, Part 3!

Hello Readers! I hope you are enjoying my Hyderabad travelogues! If you haven't already read them you can check them out here & here!
As promised to you guys earlier, this post is going to be about hotel review, best food places, airport looks & a few funny stories as well! Here we take off!

(This is not a sponsored post. It is just for the sake of travel!)

Leonia Holistic Destination Review:

On our four-day long visit to Hyderabad, we had decided to enjoy luxury & comfort, which is why we chose Leonia Holistic Destination for our stay. Leonia, I believe is a 4 star hotel with every facility that you can think of! They have their holistic spa, gaming centre, swimming pool, restaurants & so on. It is around 60 kilometers from Hyderabad Airport while it is a whopping 38 kilometers away from Hyderabad city where the main tourist attractions are. So, if you calculate it to & fro, around 80 kilometers goes just in reaching the destination & coming back. So, that was a low point.
Though, unlike other places, they had many restaurants, so we had an option to choose from, which I really liked. Because, given my choices & preferences, I really like to have options when it comes to food. When you're on vacation, calories don't count! They also had different hotels to choose from. Our booking was through RCI & so we stayed at ohb!z hotel.

It was really amazing & spacious! The first thing I did was jump into the bed as soon as we entered. That's the thing I love MOST about staying in hotels! Their comfy fluffy beds! We got 2 rooms, but unluckily without a view & mom complained about it the whole time. But, it was actually frustrating to not have a view. Rooms on other side of the hallway, had excellent view. So, I suppose it's lack of architect's view!
Other than that, I loved ohb!z!

Best Food Places:
On our first day, we had lunch in Leonia itself, as everything else was far away. We took the buffet choice. We all brought everything & started to eat. All of them started saying nice things. And, I was just eating. Then, my brother saw a chance & took it, "If she's not complaining about the food, then it's definitely good!" I paused to give him an evil look & then digged in! Salads & desserts were my absolute favourites & looking at the images, I think you'd agree.

My another favourite place was KARACHI BAKERYThis bakery is situated in Hyderabad & the owners are a Sindhi family who left Karachi & migrated to India after the partition back in 1947. From the moment we landed in Hyderabad till the moment we left, we ate Karachi cookies on every day! (At least I did.) We also had their sandwiches & cakes which were amazing! I loved their fruit biscuits the most! I think we went thrice to this place & shopped a whole lot of things ranging from cookies to biscuits to chocolates to cakes & what not! I had never enjoyed bakery shopping so much before!
Then, Hyderabad is FAMOUS for BIRYANI. If you're a non-vegetarian, you'll have a lot of options, but for us vegetarians, we had very few! My colleague had told me about this place Paradise, which has the best biryani in Hyderabad. So, we decided to go there. They have 3 storeys all for themselves & it was entirely packed even on a week day. So, you can imagine the popularity! To be honest, I don't like biryani as a food item basically, at all. But, I had some anyway. Everyone else liked it, but they didn't think it was too great or anything. We just had some starters & we were done. Here's a not-so-clear picture of biryani.

Another place which was recommended was Chutneys, but we couldn't go there due to time constraints. It is specially for south Indian food. And let me tell you, I love every type of South Indian food (except medu vada, though) But, we did go to another place to have some. Here's a snapshot alongwith chai!

In our amazing room, we had a full-size mirror & I kid you not, I have taken a photo in that mirror in every outfit that I've worn during the trip! My favourite outfit was this crop top along with ankle length navy blue jeans & black boots. And you can have a look at all the crazy mirror selfies!

During the 4 Days:
Airport Story:
We all always have some or the other airport story. This time around, my airport story was nothing special. But, I did learn that in spite of travelling solo by flight before, when you're with family, you always come across as someone who doesn't know anything. Here's a click!

Sad Umbrella Story:

So, along our tour, we shared some hilarious experiences together & I think such stories are the ones that'll always stay with us. On Day 2, we went to Hyderabad City & after lunch, we came outside to look at the changed weather. It was raining so much!! We were about to go to Nehru Zoological Park & then Golconda fort. But rains chained our plans entirely & due to that we had to skip the zoo. We went to Golconda fort. Mom bought this typical huge multi-colour umbrella there. And the funny thing is we only used it for 2 hours while on the fort! We had to carry it everywhere 'in case it rained', but it didn't. And then, while we were at Hyderabad airport about to leave for Mumbai, we had to do some packing to the umbrella, because otherwise it is not allowed on flights. The cost of that packaging alone was more than the cost of the umbrella. So, we just left it behind. And, now it's called 'Sad Umbrella Story.'

I hope you enjoyed reading my Hyderabad Journals. It was SO MUCH FUN to write about my travelogues again! You'll probably see more travel posts only after a year, if I'm lucky to roam around the country! I'd love to hear about your views in comments below!!

Monday, 16 October 2017

Diwali Is Here! (Daily Commute #7)

Hello Readers! There's an amazing happy vibe going on here in India these days. It's Diwali, the festival of lights! Unfortunately, it's still raining almost every day in Mumbai, which is unusual, but we all are still being very optimistic & super excited about our festival!

Source: Archana
Follow her on Instagram

As you know, every day, I come home from Thane station on my Activa & I take the same route home. In the last week, I was totally drained out (when am I not?) I took a turn & came on the main road, only to see it completely buzzing! Shopkeepers hadn't closed their shops. Street vendors hadn't left either, because of course they're going to compete. Vehicles were everywhere. There were so many people on the road even when it was 10 PM! And, just watching this setting, I was left with a big smile on my face & I said to my myself, "Diwali is here!"

So, quick info. According to wiki, "Diwali or Deepavali is the Hindu festival of lights celebrated every year which spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, knowledge over ignorance, and hope over despair. Hindus across the world celebrate Diwali in honor of the return of Lord Rama, wife Sita, brother Lakshmana and lord Hanuman to Ayodhya from exile of 14 years after Rama defeated Ravana.

Many of the homes already had lanterns hung on their windows, while there were also a few huge ones on the streets. Many shops had their sale & discounts going on. They had decorated their shops with tiny colourful lanterns as well. There were street vendors with their carts selling rangoli. There were so many different colours. They also had these stencils to make ready-made rangoli in a way. Everything is made so simple these days. There are many lady hawkers who were  selling diyas (lamps) of many different varieties.
Credits: Apoorva Sahi
Follow her on Instagram

There's a custom of SHOPPING in Diwali. You have to buy & wear new clothes, so there's a lot of shopping involved! It's just another official reason for me to go shopping, other than Amazon ringing my bell at least twice a week. So, after a few taunts, I ordered a nice traditional dress online, which I'm probably going to wear to office. There's also another custom involving FOOD! We call it faral, which involves a lot of items like laddoos, chivda, chakli, shev & so on! There’s another custom involving CRACKERS. I hate bursting crackers & loud music. But, that has reduced over the years. So, yes, Diwali, is one of my favourites & it is here. So, I'm really happy!

This wasn't entirely a Daily Commute post, but when I saw that otherwise deserted street completely other way round, all these things came to me in the blink of an eye! So, I had to share it here! Happy Diwali!

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Silver or Lead? Narcos Review! (Mindscape Reviews #3)

Hello Readers & Watchers! I hope you all liked our first TV show review on F.R.I.E.N.D.S! Many of our friends loved it & that kind of raised the bar for us. So, having said all of that, today Omkar & I are reviewing Narcos which as you all know is one of the most amazing crime thriller that Netflix came up with! Hope you enjoy this one too!



For the first 2 seasons, Narcos is the story of the cocaine lord Pablo Escobar. While it is really tragic what he did & how his business had become lethal, it is also true that he had a whole other side. That's why you must watch this show. 
I believe there are 3 stages of watching Narcos:
1. Wanting Pablo Escobar dead.
2. Switching sides.
3. Crying when Pablo Escobar is dead.
 I know, you might think I'm crazy, but for those of you who have watched it, you know what I mean. Those who haven't, don't judge before watching it for yourself!

So, in this post, we'll be reviewing just the first 2 seasons of Narcos that focus majorly on Escobar. The recently released 3rd season is about another cocaine gang (Cali Cartel) which is in continuation with the story but nothing to do with Escobar. So, we could take that up another time! That one's also pretty badass, let me tell you.
So, if you Cntl + F on Pablo or Escobar, this post will bomb up just like that plane in the show. Shall we lay the ground work?

If I give away the plot, you'd have MANY regrets & trust me, so would I. So, I'm not going to give it all away. Yes, there are already a lot of spoilers in here; that's why it’s called a review. So, I'll try my best to tell you guys about the plot without giving away a lot of the suspense.

Season 1:
The story of Pablo getting into the business starts when Cockroach comes to him with his cocaine-producing factories. That's where the story of Pablo changes into Pablo, the Cocaine Lord. Soon, he generates a lot of revenue by selling drugs using smart techniques, logistics & game plans. On the other side, Drug Enforcement Agents (DEA) Murphy & Pena & Colonel Carrillo are on his hunt & they're pretty damned good at their jobs. So, you kind of support them, but you also kind of don’t want Pablo to get caught.

As the story progresses, you've got your favourites on both the sides (apart from Pablo & Murphy & Pena.) And given the theme of the show, some of your favourites will die. So, towards the end of season 1, Pablo is in a jail which he designs for himself with his own security guards even. It's called La Catedral & it's basically a luxury prison. The whole point of it is that the Government will knoe where he is & wouldn't be a threat to anyone. But, that turned out to be hopeless as he kills 2 people (his own men) while in this prison. And so, towards the end of Season 1, he flees that place.

Season 2:
I liked Season 2 much more than the first one, for many reasons! More action, more plot twists, more characters, more tragedy & intensity! Agent Pena starts secretly working with Los Pepes. Carrillo comes back & acts fiercer than ever. Pablo is more protective of his family. There's a scene when they escape & move to one of their homes. There’s no wood & fire to stay warm. So, Pablo just burns lots of bundles of notes!

Few episodes later, his family leaves him to stay in a hotel, so that they are safe. And he's left all alone; which was a really sad moment. Also, Cali Cartel start expanding their operations now that Pablo is continuously on the run. Cali constituted of Miguel, Gilberto & Pacho mainly.
Towards the last 2 episodes, it becomes extremely emotional with how Pablo tries to connect with his father & how only Limon is left by his side. And then, in the last episode, the few imaginal scenarios again leave you in a dilemma. The one with President Pablo & another with a conversation with Gustavo.
Murphy & the team trace him successfully & go attack his residence. After a few gun fire shots, Limon is dead. And then, a few seconds later, while escaping on the roof, Pablo is dead, just like that, everything is finished.

Bad Bang:
Pablo Escobar's character is dominating, fierce, charismatic & brilliant. And for a hardcore villain, he's actually a kind-hearted person when it comes to his people. And, that is something unique you don't usually find in negative leads. He becomes a cocaine king while also being a perfect family man. His love for his wife, kids & mother is portrayed amazingly well throughout the 2 seasons. Even his love for Colombio & its people was so evident by way of his generosity & not wanting to flee. All his men - La Quica, Limon, Blackie, Velasco & others are also shown in excellent capacity. Tata's character comes off really strong when the family is falling apart & how she holds them together.

In the beginning, Pablo Escobar is shown fearless & makes quick decisions like bombing a plane or murdering people while in a luxury prison. But, later he becomes more mature & learns from his mistakes & treads carefully. And while doing so, he falls a bit behind while other cocaine players acquire the market. Towards the end, Pablo just becomes a sad person with little hopes. Watchers hope that somehow, he'll bounce back, but those hopes are bleak & eventually none. Pablo Escobar, in a nutshell, goes from strong to super strong to super helpless.

Good Bang:
When it comes to the duo of Murphy & Pena, I get so satisfied with their on-screen action chemistry. They complement each other in the best way, with Murphy being the good cop & Pena kind of being the bad cop. Murphy is idealistic & sticks to the rules, while also being a family man. Pena tries to go out of the way. Most of the times this maverick attitude of his always wins the game. So, they make a great team & it's also fun to watch their few humorous non-Pablo talks.
As for Carrillo, I loved him! His way of working was a lot different than the DEA agents. But, I think his ruthless attitude was what Colombia needed at the time. And, the same attitude probably got him killed.
I liked President Gaviria & Vice President Eduardo’s sense of partnership & understanding. They would’ve been fantastic leaders if situation was different. And even in those crises, they handled matters really well!

I must say, all the ACTORS have done such a fantastic job playing these real life characters that I am speechless! I have become fans of these people; especially Wagner Moura, Pedro Pascal & Boyd Holbrook! Kudos to all the actors!!

While discussing Narcos, Omkar & I talked a lot about it. Why was the impact of Narcos so huge that we all started rooting for the super villain? In most of the shows, there are two sides, but they are never equally strong. But, only in Narcos, did we see, both the players, plus other side actors, all at it with equal determination!
There's Pablo & his men rising in the industry! Then there are Murphy & Pena! Then we see Gaviria & Eduardo trying to calm down the country! There's also Los Pepes & Cali Cartel coming up in the business! Just so much going on & you think,
"Wow! This is the best show ever!" 

You cannot decide whether you are more saddened about Gustavo's death or about Carrillo's death.
You cannot decide whether you are happy or sad that Limon planned that plot twist.
You cannot decide whether you are happy or sad about Tata & kids leaving Pablo.
You cannot decide whether you should stick to morality & Murphy or evil & Escobar!!
But, you will love Narcos for all the thrill, action, crime & suspense that it has! We've given it a 9/10!
What are your thoughts on Narcos? Tell us in comments below!

(I did a lot of background reading about Narcos & found that there were many factual errors in the show that Pablo Escobar's son pointed out. Though my review is based only on the show. You can check those facts anywhere online. They are quite intriguing.)

Friday, 13 October 2017

Trauma Victim. (Diary Logs #6)

Hello Readers! This is a fictional post about a girl who was bullied, harassed & unfortunately suffered the trauma for the rest of her short life ahead. Again, it is a fictional post. All your love is welcome & appreciated because I know bits & pieces are always relatable!


She leaves her office at 7:30 PM. She puts on a scarf & her fake glasses. She checks whether her brunette wig is proper & that her blonde hair isn't peeping from underneath. She changes her clothes in the office before leaving, because what if they know what she has worn that day? It would be easy to track her. For the same reason, she buys 15 scarves a month, to be unrecognizable. Also, for the same reason, she carries a different bag every day. She walks to the subway hoping no one is on her trace. She cannot put on headphones, because she has to be alert at all times. She takes the metro & stays careful the entire trip. She observes people who are not observing her. She gets tipsy when a guy keeps eyeing her. He gets up & approaches her. She reaches the pepper spray in her bag. But. he just tells her that there's a leaf stuck in her hair. The level of anxiety from that little incident becomes unbearable for her. Because, what if he would've approached her, threatened to kill her & eventually kidnapped her? She relaxes & gets off as her stop comes. She walks home on alert.

The moment she reaches home, she feels that something is different. Or is it just in her head? It's 8:20 PM on a Thursday night. It's dark outside. She immediately checks whether she has locked the door. Further, she goes to check whether the windows are closed & then she shuts the outside world by drawing the curtains so that no one would see her. She removes her glasses, scarf & wig. She gets into her home clothes. She checks her phone. She's scared to order food at her home because she's always afraid of 'them' finding out where she stays. She's scared to go out & stay too long into the night because it is risky. She can't go watch a movie in a theatre, because it's a blackout with strangers which causes anxiety. She can never lead a normal life. Not so soon, anyway. Maybe she's not in mortal danger. But, she can't help but think about worst case scenarios.

Because she was a nobody, she got bullied in high school.
Because she was naive, they used her
Because she was afraid, they kept tormenting her for years.
Because she was done being the victim, she left.

And then, one day, she just left. She left to get a new life & be somebody who wouldn't have regrets. With 2 suitcases & another bag full of courage, she flew away, like the wind. But, the past was a part of her. It never left her. They couldn't reach her now. But, there was a constant fear, what will happen if they do? Will she die of a panic attack? Will she punch them in the face? Will she pretend to not know them? What will happen? While some part of her knew she was safe, the other part was always terrified.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Hyderabad Journals, Part 2.

Hello Readers & Wanderlust souls! I know you enjoyed the first part of my Hyderabad Journals by reading all your wonderful comments!! After the wait of a week, here's the next story.. Travel continued with Ramoji Film City adventures!

On Day 3 of my stay in Hyderabad, I went to Ramoji Film City. It is huge & so it takes the entire day to explore it. Well, if you're from India, you might've heard a lot about Ramoji. Many of the films & daily soaps are shot here including hits like Bahubali. I think Ramoji is home mainly for South Indian films & a few Bollywood ones as well.
So, there were a lot of things to watch at this place. Shall we begin the tour?

Studio Tour & Movie Magic:
The exploration started with many short movies and some shows. There was a 4D space show which was fun. In one show, they told us how action scenes are shot right from scratch. That was really amazing to watch! Others were song-based, action-based shows & comedy-based shows with poor story & direction, according to me, as I did not enjoy them AT ALL. (Yes, the rants have begun!)

The entrance to Ramoji Movie Magic!

 One of the comedy musical shows.

For the love of New York!

Set Locations:
There were many locations wherein there were sets & bus tours were arranged for the same. There was one alley wherein all the buildings looked like those in London! There was another alley wherein there were just bungalows. There was a train set too. There were gardens where romantic scenes were shot. There was one bungalow, which the guide told us was actually used as the home for actor, actress & villain by using different entrances. How easily movie people trick us! Must be fun to do that! We also saw sets of Ramayan/Mahabharat. They were pretty huge & too colourful! We also saw a prison, which was really fun! Here are some of the photos!

This looks like one of those Asian Paints bungalows, right?

This is the Central Prison. Inside there was a jail with criminal models!

Set of Ramayan/Mahabharat.

An interesting pillar I thought shouldn’t be missed!

Doesn't it look just like a railway station? Well, it's only a set!

Bahubali Set:
If you're an Indian, you must be well aware about the hyped movie Bahubali & its sequel. Those who are not aware, don't worry, you're not missing out on anything. I didn't like this action-drama film as it is against any logical explanation. So, there isn't a single photo I wanted taken here, but still my brother took a candid anyway. Because, he loves to watch me burn. Whatever.
Keeping my feelings about the movie apart, the set was huge & really amazing! Yes, I’m admitting to actually liking something, partially anyway… It entirely had a brown-ocre theme. There were huge statues of 6 or so horses. A lot of things were placed in that one set! It had an aura of ROYAL to it, which made people go more fan-crazy over it.
After the exit from the Bahubali set, the bus took us to a beautiful view. I enjoyed that as well.

The Throne.

Dad posing!

Mom at the Snack Bar!

Ashwin pretending to be an actor in the Film City.

I like Big Pillars & I cannot lie.

Group family photo for the day!

Bird Park, Eco Park, Flower Park & Kripalu Caves:
I wasn't really expecting these in a Film City. I was tired by viewing all the sets & by the tour. So, it felt meaningless to carry on watching butterflies, ducks & flowers! We have that everywhere! This paragraph does not end with "I was wrong. It was really worth it." We really have that everywhere! All in all, caves were the least boring of all & shortest. So, automatically, they became most liked.

(I clicked this photo only to put that as the caption.)

Inside the caves.

Rantings Begin:
So, it was a long day; REALLY long day. There were 5 to 6 places at least & to go to these places we had to take an internal bus route. And since it was an entire chain system kind of a thing, there wasn't really an escape in the middle. You don't know the way out. Like a maze, once you're in, you'll have to find the way out as per the rules & in slowly. This was the one thing I hated. Because of this, I couldn't skip anything & had to cover everything even if I wasn't interested. It was like being a Literature Major & sitting for a Math lecture. 

Secondly, I'm not a film fanatic & hence I didn't like the first part of the tour involving movie scenarios. Most of them were either boring or nonsensical. And all of them gave me a headache. I absolutely did not enjoy that part of the tour And since it was the beginning of the tour, it just ruined my mood right at the start, leaving me cranky the entire day!

Since it is a 2000 acres land, you cannot really go outside for food. So, you're left with restaurants in the city. I only liked 'Drive In Jimmys' where I had the best burger ever! No kidding! The place where we had lunch was only okay. This leaves me to ask, "Why weren't there guides?" There should be some proper system! If you're making the largest studio complex in the world into a tourist attraction, make some ground rules! There should be, probably, batches of tourists & a guide assigned to each one for first half of the tour. Then, people can decide where to eat for themselves from among the few places which are actually open. Then, in the second half, they can gather again. Is it so difficult? I don't think there were even any directions at one point which left everyone baffled. I hate mismanagement & so I didn't like this experience much. But, I couldn't quit, could I?

Apart from all these rantings & the fact that I'd give Ramoji a 4/10 stars, I did like a FEW things about it. (Let me remember.) I liked the one view after the Bahubali set. The photo in which I'm standing by the pillars. (Guess what? That's not a fake smile, for a change!) I loved the burgers. I kind of liked the feel of the caves. The London alley & Central Prison were fun. Okay, I'll stop now. I can't make up stuff anymore. But, yes, if you love films, go there, you'll have a great time!
This post & my opinions are entirely biased given the fact that I'm an introvert who hates typical desi films & hates moving place-to-place in buses & gets bored of things easily. My family enjoyed it, so maybe I'm just weird. But, I don't care. Hope you enjoyed the tour!

Next Wednesday I'll post about Hotel review, best food places, airport looks & favourite outfits on the tour along with some funny little stories!!
Have you been to Ramoji Film City? How was your experience?

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