Monday, 30 October 2017

Activa Vs Cycle. (Daily Commute #9)

Hello Readers! I cannot believe it is already the last week of October! The month has gone by really fast & to slow it down a but, here's a little commute post for y'all!

One of the times, I was coming back from college on my 2 wheeler (Activa). There was a lot of traffic on the main road. And habitually, I took to the leftmost lane where usually all the riders are. We all are just there for each other. We kept going ahead, slowly & steadily. It's always tough when there's traffic. There are people on the left while cars & trucks/buses on the right. You have to be extra careful. And, in all these calculations, there was an old uncle with his cycle. Yes, cycle.

It was 100 % irritating, because the pace of a cycle is different than that of an Activa or a bike! And, he was crossing lanes anyhow, not sticking to one path, getting down to walk the cycle with him, getting up to peddle when it was a bit clear. I kept going ahead & behind of him, but it was a cluttered street, so it was impossible to constantly stay ahead. After all, he could just lift his cycle & take it up on the footpath, for all I knew (at one point, he even did that!)

I was so committed to getting ahead of him. And I knew the point where the traffic would be cleared out, so overtaking him after that point was useless. Anyone would do that. I just wanted to overtake him while we were stuck there. But, of course, it was IMPOSSIBLE. He had 100 little tricks & no matter how many times I went ahead of him, he always somehow covered it up & went ahead to slow me down!

To be honest, at first it was irritating. But, after a while it became VERY amusing. Almost like a secret competition. He wasn't aware about it, so even if I lost, I wouldn't technically lose. Anyway, that was one fun traffic jam story!

Until next time,

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