Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Hyderabad Journals, Part 3!

Hello Readers! I hope you are enjoying my Hyderabad travelogues! If you haven't already read them you can check them out here & here!
As promised to you guys earlier, this post is going to be about hotel review, best food places, airport looks & a few funny stories as well! Here we take off!

(This is not a sponsored post. It is just for the sake of travel!)

Leonia Holistic Destination Review:

On our four-day long visit to Hyderabad, we had decided to enjoy luxury & comfort, which is why we chose Leonia Holistic Destination for our stay. Leonia, I believe is a 4 star hotel with every facility that you can think of! They have their holistic spa, gaming centre, swimming pool, restaurants & so on. It is around 60 kilometers from Hyderabad Airport while it is a whopping 38 kilometers away from Hyderabad city where the main tourist attractions are. So, if you calculate it to & fro, around 80 kilometers goes just in reaching the destination & coming back. So, that was a low point.
Though, unlike other places, they had many restaurants, so we had an option to choose from, which I really liked. Because, given my choices & preferences, I really like to have options when it comes to food. When you're on vacation, calories don't count! They also had different hotels to choose from. Our booking was through RCI & so we stayed at ohb!z hotel.

It was really amazing & spacious! The first thing I did was jump into the bed as soon as we entered. That's the thing I love MOST about staying in hotels! Their comfy fluffy beds! We got 2 rooms, but unluckily without a view & mom complained about it the whole time. But, it was actually frustrating to not have a view. Rooms on other side of the hallway, had excellent view. So, I suppose it's lack of architect's view!
Other than that, I loved ohb!z!

Best Food Places:
On our first day, we had lunch in Leonia itself, as everything else was far away. We took the buffet choice. We all brought everything & started to eat. All of them started saying nice things. And, I was just eating. Then, my brother saw a chance & took it, "If she's not complaining about the food, then it's definitely good!" I paused to give him an evil look & then digged in! Salads & desserts were my absolute favourites & looking at the images, I think you'd agree.

My another favourite place was KARACHI BAKERYThis bakery is situated in Hyderabad & the owners are a Sindhi family who left Karachi & migrated to India after the partition back in 1947. From the moment we landed in Hyderabad till the moment we left, we ate Karachi cookies on every day! (At least I did.) We also had their sandwiches & cakes which were amazing! I loved their fruit biscuits the most! I think we went thrice to this place & shopped a whole lot of things ranging from cookies to biscuits to chocolates to cakes & what not! I had never enjoyed bakery shopping so much before!
Then, Hyderabad is FAMOUS for BIRYANI. If you're a non-vegetarian, you'll have a lot of options, but for us vegetarians, we had very few! My colleague had told me about this place Paradise, which has the best biryani in Hyderabad. So, we decided to go there. They have 3 storeys all for themselves & it was entirely packed even on a week day. So, you can imagine the popularity! To be honest, I don't like biryani as a food item basically, at all. But, I had some anyway. Everyone else liked it, but they didn't think it was too great or anything. We just had some starters & we were done. Here's a not-so-clear picture of biryani.

Another place which was recommended was Chutneys, but we couldn't go there due to time constraints. It is specially for south Indian food. And let me tell you, I love every type of South Indian food (except medu vada, though) But, we did go to another place to have some. Here's a snapshot alongwith chai!

In our amazing room, we had a full-size mirror & I kid you not, I have taken a photo in that mirror in every outfit that I've worn during the trip! My favourite outfit was this crop top along with ankle length navy blue jeans & black boots. And you can have a look at all the crazy mirror selfies!

During the 4 Days:
Airport Story:
We all always have some or the other airport story. This time around, my airport story was nothing special. But, I did learn that in spite of travelling solo by flight before, when you're with family, you always come across as someone who doesn't know anything. Here's a click!

Sad Umbrella Story:

So, along our tour, we shared some hilarious experiences together & I think such stories are the ones that'll always stay with us. On Day 2, we went to Hyderabad City & after lunch, we came outside to look at the changed weather. It was raining so much!! We were about to go to Nehru Zoological Park & then Golconda fort. But rains chained our plans entirely & due to that we had to skip the zoo. We went to Golconda fort. Mom bought this typical huge multi-colour umbrella there. And the funny thing is we only used it for 2 hours while on the fort! We had to carry it everywhere 'in case it rained', but it didn't. And then, while we were at Hyderabad airport about to leave for Mumbai, we had to do some packing to the umbrella, because otherwise it is not allowed on flights. The cost of that packaging alone was more than the cost of the umbrella. So, we just left it behind. And, now it's called 'Sad Umbrella Story.'

I hope you enjoyed reading my Hyderabad Journals. It was SO MUCH FUN to write about my travelogues again! You'll probably see more travel posts only after a year, if I'm lucky to roam around the country! I'd love to hear about your views in comments below!!

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