Monday, 23 October 2017

Those Flight Stories. (Daily Commute #8)

Hello Readers! Hope you had an amazing weekend! We celebrated Diwali in the last week, so I had a really long weekend from Thursday onward! I got to do A LOT of things; read a book, met my best friend, caught up on blogging!
Now, it's Monday & time to hustle! Here's an airport & flight story for you all to enjoy!


This is the story when I travelled solo by flight. I came back earlier than anticipated from the trip & so I had mixed feelings the entire time. It was about an hour's flight which was about to take off by 11:20 PM, but got delayed to 12:45 AM. So, I had a lot of time to kill at the airport. Unlike the Mumbai airport, there wasn't a lot to do at the Goa airport. So, I did what I do best. Observe people.

There were 2 girls sitting next to me, very chic. Updating their Snapchat story, while discussing about their next stop in Mumbai. They were too young to be on a Round The World tour, but that's what it looked like. They were probably American, I don't exactly remember. And, they had already been to a lot of places. Two girl best friends travelling the world! In any other circumstances, I'd have (maybe, but maybe not) talked to them. I wondered what they did. If they were students, how come they get to travel so much? If they were earning, was travelling their job? Did they have travel blogs that were insanely popular? I wish I knew their story & wish I could get these answers…..

There was another guy with his baby daughter whom I was intrigued by. He was fair, clean-shaven, wearing a beach-print shirt with shorts. He was too cool & too young to have a daughter. I saw this guy right from check in until I boarded the plane. He was continuously pacing all over the airport, but he wasn't tensed. I wondered whether he was a single parent? He seemed to be well off & dressed as if on vacation, then how come he brought his young daughter to Goa? Again, so many questions with no answers. Everything left open to interpretation…..

When I boarded the plane, I got a window seat. There was another guy sitting in the same row. One seat between us was empty. Another unknown story, perhaps. On the other side, I saw a girl, probably in her twentys. She was distraught & confused. She kept looking at her ticket & kept checking the time. Why was she so anxious? Until the take-off announcement, she was continuously checking her phone. Was she expecting someone to call her so that she could get off the plane? I saw her watch the city as the plane took off. Did she want to stay? Tears were constantly rolling down her eyes, which had become puffy as a result. She cried herself to sleep in that little time. I was left with a lot of dumbfounded questions at this incident. In some way, I empathised. But, I also didn't know what to do. Watching girls cry in trains was normal, but in flight? A bit unusual. Did she leave someone behind from whom she didn't want to part? Is she going to a place where she doesn't actually want to go? What was her dilemma in that moment? What was she expecting to happen? But, I know one thing, now that I think of her, I'm sure that incident only made her stronger.

Flights are way more interesting than trains or buses.
Airports are way more interesting than railway stations.
And so, I hope my flight story was way more interesting than my train/metro stories!

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