Sunday, 17 December 2017

I'm Back, Again!

Hello Guys! I hope you are well & enjoying the Christmas fever & cold winters & staying at home in your PJs & socks with hot chocolate staring at your beautifully lit Christmas tree! At least that's what I am doing on my weekends!

So, first of all, I'm sorry about the extended break! It was supposed to be 2 weeks, but it became 5 weeks instead. I think I was overworked with posting thrice a week! So, I suppose I needed self-proclaimed rest. But, anyway, I got bored of only lazying around on weekends. So, I am back, again! Probably this is like my third "I'm back" post! I don't know how y'all tolerate me! Anyway, I don't have a plan like last time, but there's somewhat of a written-on-napkin kind of an idea.

For one, I'm sure about the weekly 'Diary Logs' series. I'm also sure about the 'Mindscape Reviews' series. Although, with this, I can't guarantee when or how I'll post. But, I surely will. Because I watch too many TV shows & read too many books & love reviewing both!

So, until then, here are some photos which you might enjoy about my 'whereabouts'!

Since, my life has become just work now, here are some of my office outfits! (I only make an effort on Fridays, though!)

Spending time in the company of books & coffee!!

And finally, here are the snaps of my Christmas tree!!

I really hope you all are happy & amazing (& missed me a lot.) I'll publish something real soon!

Until then,

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