Sunday, 21 January 2018

Do It Like the World Is Watching. (Diary Logs #12)

Hello Readers!! This is my 3rd post in 3rd week and I think I'll be able to blog once a week with a Diary Logs post. And that makes me really happy! The idea for this article came to me after I wrote my last article. I just had this feeling that if everyone is going to read what I write, then it's my job to make it good! So, here we go!

PS: Diary Logs series is an art of fiction. (Maybe except for this one.)


Dear Diary,
Be it a movie, book, technology, painting, song. It takes time & effort to reach to that optimal stage where you have set your targets. Somehow, you know it will be vital because people are going to watch that movie, read that book, use that technology, listen to that music & probably find existential purpose in that painting! Some people live by one quote their entire life. Others have their go-to place in case when messed up life strikes. And that's either an isolated park or some crowded coffee place. For a few, they believe so much in some movie, that it makes them want to believe in fate! So yes, I believe that when world is going to watch what you have made, I think the sense of responsibility strikes way high up!

I remember when I read & watched 'The Circle'. They have shown how important being transparent is in this world. So, when the protagonist steals/borrows a kayak without asking, it is later on shown how she wouldn't have done it if someone was watching. So, they provide her a 24*7 camera thingy to ensure full transparency. So, I think maybe she had to think twice before doing something or even saying something. Thank God, they didn't have chips implanted in her brain to know what she's thinking as well! It's scary, isn't it?

So, when I thought about it, I felt the same way. I felt like there are 100 different things that I won't do & on another hand, 100 different things that I would start doing if I was being constantly monitored. Maybe I'd workout more regularly. Maybe I'll put a pause before taking a quick nap at work. Maybe I'll watch that 2nd plate of whatever I'm eating. More importantly, on a higher level, I realised that if people are reading my blog, I must put out something good every week. It shouldn't be something that I need to do only for the sake of it. There needs to be more thought. There need to be more dimensions to it. Because, what if someone comes across my blog and the first post they see is something crap? Not done, right? So, yes, there's a lot of more responsibility than I thought. And I'm trying here… to give the best. So, I'm going to pretend that Modi or Obama are reading this & write something worth reading. Worth those 5 minutes, I suppose.

And that's what we should do with our lives. Live it like we're worth our existence. Make the most out of them. Because in this case, even if no one's watching, you will watch. You will know what you did or did not know. Your inner self will always know. So, yes, make your life worth it, at least for your own sake.

Until next time,

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