Monday, 5 February 2018

Why Night Life? (Diary Logs #13)

Hello Readers! After a couple of weeks of lull, I'm back with a new Diary Logs post! Some of you may hate it. But, those who like it, you're not alone. I hate Nightlife partying too.

PS : Diary Logs series is an art of fiction.


Dear Diary,
Recently, I had visited a pub sort of a place with my friends. Okay, first, check my bio on the left. It says 'introvert'. So, I hate meaningless conversations with boring people even when I might come across as the boring one. (I'm fun once you get to know me.) I also hate loud music which gives me a headache & funnily enough constantly makes me burp! (Okay, I'm fun once you really get to know me.) So, when I went to this pub sort of a place, I just sat there & watched people. PEOPLE. Why are people so overrated? SO overrated! They're everywhere. They think everything revolves around them. Ugghkk.

So, nightlife.
1. That's never happening again.
2. Like, ever.
3. It sucked.
4. I don't understand why people go about it.

What I observed was people dancing to music so loud which helps them to ignore the voices in their own head. They drink & they smoke which helps them to escape. They drag people who hate to do the above into it all so they can feel more natural, perhaps more human. But, they don't really know everything, do they? Do You?

I sat in that bar doing nothing but also watching everything, I observed a lot of things. And after such an observation, I love to put my own version of conclusion to it. So, there was a girl & a guy. They had some awesome moves. And, they were so confident on those that they chucked the dark dance floor & danced in the otherwise (dim) lit area. They were grooving & enjoying. They had such happy & wildly huge fun vibes that it almost made me happy to watch them.

There was a guy who was sitting alone. Kinda old. Smoking. I wasn't sure what was the reason he was there. He could smoke anywhere. Or, watching all the people dancing with happy faces made him feel young? Did it? Does it?

There was a girl sitting alone too. There were multiple wallets/clutches on her table. So, her friends were probably off somewhere, but she sat there. I did not understand why she came with them if they didn't want to be with her. I did not understand how she could sit there like that. Not drinking. Not smoking. Not dancing. I did not understand her purpose of being there. Then, I realised we both were the same. I was that person. I had no purpose either. It was just to make some people happy. So, I got up & left. It was that simple. Why night life? There wasn't an answer there. So, I erased the question by leaving. No night life for me, thanks.

Until next time,

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