Sunday, 8 April 2018

You Still Have Time. (Diary Logs #15)

Hello Readers! This post is one of those posts which just came to me while walking on the metro station. It may sound bizarre and random because it is.


I was walking home one day last week by my usual route. It had been one of those hectic days involving a lot of stress. I think I left office at around 9:30 PM and with me, I took a lot of wavering thoughts. I was worried about work & reviews as it was March end. I wanted to fly to another state to see my best friend & wasn't sure how it will work out at home. I was getting these migraine attacks a lot of the time. So basically, my day started & ended with a headache. While I was lost in all these troubles, I saw a particular advertisement at the metro station. There are a lot of advertisements that were up along the way. There are usually some Bank hoardings or about some new movie or the latest Netflix sensation. That day I saw a board on which was written, "You still have time." It must have probably been an insurance ad or something. But, only those 4 words caught my attention.

And then, I got lost in another trail of thoughts. It was March end, but I still had time to prove myself. A couple of weeks can sure make a difference if I'm positive. And yes, I can get a permission from my parents to visit my best friend. I'm an adult now and can take care of myself sensibly. And yes, there's nothing much I can do about migraines, but I can try to eat healthy and stuff. I can write more, read more, live more. I can do what ever I want to do.

I still have time.

Just a couple of days went and I have done so much more. And that feels purely amazing!
Those 4 words inspired me so much, that I have already started writing again. I started & finished reading a new book - 'Simon Vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda'. I also write a review on it! I did get permission from my parents & I'm going to see my best friend next month! (We are literally counting down the days!) I cut off my hair and made it really short. I had always wanted to do that, but this time, I just did it! It was so simple. With this look, I finally feel like I'm the female lead in my own movie. I feel good & positive. I'm doing better at achieving my daily and weekly targets. For the first time ever since I started working, I had a pleasant Monday.

I still have time,

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