Sunday, 6 May 2018

How My Asocial Ass Enjoyed Company of EIGHT Work People! (Diary Logs #16)

Hello Readers! This is somewhat of a 'Dear Diary' real-life moment. (Not real-fictional, for a change!)
Here we go..


Dear Diary,
I have almost 90 % of the times regretted putting my personal life on the blog. Because in all those 90 % instances I wrote about people who didn't deserve it & who I don't even talk to anymore. Even so, here I am; opening up. Because, apart from the trust issues or commitment issues, these people feel more real, even when I know little about them than I did about those 90 %. I suppose that's how it works, huh?

So, I went for dinner with some (many) colleagues. It all started because I was frustrated out of my mind during the week (most likely because of work.) And then, I talked to Kunal & Mindy that we really need to meet Vaishali, Pranali & Parul who sit out of a different location. We all worked together earlier, but then got separated due to travelling issues. I instantly pinged Vaishali & the plan was chalked. We lucked out, because instead of just meeting these 3 people, we became a whole group of 10 people! 6 of us, our former boss & 3 guys who used to work with us.

We decided on dinner in Powai. Of course, 2 hours prioir, my anxiety kicked in. I had to go on a ride to dial it down. Then, I felt okay. I went to the place. I met Avinash & Hari first; both as witty & funny as always. Both of whom I hadn't seen in a long time! Then came blonde-haired Rajat, with his 'IDGAF about anyone' charm in place. Soon, Pranali & Parul came. I missed being Parul's one-month desk partner.  Even though we talk on a daily basis, we hadn't met in a month. Usually conversations with Pranali go like-
"So & so question"
"So & so answer."
"No problem."
I think we do this at least twice a day!
Then came Kunal, who also brought with him his so-called humour. Soon, Vaishali & Priyanka came in, looking amazing as always. I just got this flashback of our long lunch breaks where we used to just go in fits of laughter. I felt so good seeing all of them today! I wish Mindy was also there.

I am not so much of a talker, but that didn't really matter. Everyone talked, shared laughs & had fun. Neither did we like the food, nor the restaurant for its service. It wasn't even in central Hiranandani, Powai. It wasn't an ideal or a perfect meetup, but it was something. While returning home, I didn't feel like Saturday was wasted or I'd have rather stayed home. Instead, I was actually happy.
We were just a bunch of people who work(ed) together, half of us enjoy what we do, half of us probably don't. But, just in those few hours, all of that didn't matter, because we were all just happy. :)

Be happy. Until then,

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