Friday, 29 March 2019

Gem of a Person. (Diary Logs #19)

Hi Readers! I thought of writing a diary log kind of a post. The story just came to me one day influenced from a lot of stuff that's been going on around me. So, this is inspired from a lot of women & I hope I did justice to all these beautiful ladies in my life!


Fridays were always brimming with work for her. Attending weekly calls, sending dashboards, maximizing her targets & setting new targets for the next week and what not. Your usual legal-corporate life. She loved the work & was always happy when she was challenged. After a tough day at work, when she was about to leave for home, around 8 PM, she realized that she had a date that night. She had completely forgotten about it because she was swamped at work. She texted the guy just to check if it was still on & yes, of course, it was.
She went to freshen up. She was wearing a casual t-shirt which said 'Nope' surrounded by some flowers & blue denim jeans. She had her chic Friday look which was definitely not a first date look. She put on some makeup, looked in the mirror, let out a sigh of relief accepting defeat & finally left for the date.

It was 4 days since that day. She had a lot of fun on that evening. She rarely enjoyed so much with someone right on the first date. She knew she was funny, witty & she took an interest in him. He seemed to have had a nice time too. And yet, stone cold silence. She hated that. That feeling reminded her of all her insecurities, closure issues & low self esteem. She discussed with her colleagues & they told her she was too good for him. They said that she should forget the whole thing especially since it was just one date. Just like that, she felt better. But still, at the back of the mind, the thought was alive & waiting for answers.

A week went by & it was Friday again. She was already over him but she still needed her answers. Why would a guy not call her especially when the date went so amazingly well? Her curiosity got the better of her & she texted him. Not a hi. But a very clear cut message, very lawyerly. She texted him, “I know this isn't going anywhere but the least you could do is give me an explanation. I only want to know why didn’t you text or call? Feel free to be honest or even rude.” After sending that message, she felt a weight lift off of her. She imagined of 2 responses, either he will reply or he won’t. And, now that she had said her piece, she was fine with either of those options.
After her usual Friday weekend closures, she was about to leave when she checked her phone. She realized he had messaged 3-4 long paragraphs. The gist of which was basically, 'It's not you. It's me.' He said how she was too good for him (which she already knew, but whatever.) He said how he couldn't hurt her in case they kept dating & something went wrong. He said how she should stay the way she is & how she was such a gem of a person. She got her answer & she simply texted a 'Thanks for letting me know' & that was it.

This Friday was leaps and bounds different than the last Friday. Today, she was dressed up. Not for a date, but for herself. She wore a black dress with red heels that matched her red lips. Her eyes were a bit sad but that was about to change.

She sat on her activa & was on her way to her usual bar. She had her headphones tucked inside the helmet & there was a nice loud song playing. She decided to enjoy it. She was on the highway riding with speed, while doing head tilts, stomping her feet lightly & her fingers playfully dancing. She let the air fly her dress a little bit up which made her flaunt her legs.
Somehow those couple of inches tasted like freedom just like those couple of extra shots tasted like freedom & all of a sudden she was in a good mood. She was happy, even. She was the woman who half-danced on her active & sung lyrics to songs loud enough while not caring what anyone thought.

She looked such a lady and yet she drove like a badass. She took tequilla shots without ever throwing up or losing conscience. She over-performed at her work & yet was kind & supportive to her subordinates. She was the kind of woman who did catch feelings for a guy on their first date, because that's how she was wired. She wore her heart on her sleeve. She did suffer a lot of pain because of it, but oh, the joy she gained because of it! There wasn't anyone like her, she knew. She didn't need anyone else to tell her how much gem of a person she already knew she was.

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