Thursday, 21 March 2019

Pondicherry - Stay & Restaurants. (Part 3)

Hello Everyone!
I have written 2 posts on Pondicherry so far. They turned out to be quite long just like my stay there. That’s why, I decided to write an altogether new post about my stay & most importantly for restaurant recommendations! Here we go!

I had tried AirBnb for my trip in Darjeeling & Udaipur. Both were quite okay, so I decided to choose AirBnB this time around as well.
It was based at a 10-minutes walking distance from the Rock Beach, named Aurodaya. It was a small studio apartment. Given the history of Pondicherry, it truly defined the concept of simple living & high thinking.
It was very clean & had all the amenities. There was access to AC, refrigerator & a stove for cooking. The AC saved my life as it was quite hot when I visited.
It was on the ground floor & in an extremely safe neighborhood. There was a small space outside for short walks.
Most importantly, the host was simply wonderful. She helped me throughout the process & was very proactive in helping me out.

Last but not the least, time for restaurant recommendations!! I was in Pondicherry for 4 days & 3 nights & given the kind of amazing cafes they have, I was fully prepared to eat all types of food from all the amazing places. Unfortunately though, I got sick right on the 2nd day. And which is why I was only & only on energy juice for the remnants of 2 days!
Till the time I was well, I visited 4 places, which were quite good except for the last one which gave me food poisoning. Here is my list!

During my stay in Pondicherry, Surguru was my survival restaurant. They have the most delicious South Indian food. It’s low-key, inexpensive but provides best quality of food. In my 4 days, I went to Surguru 3 times. The must try is their Roast Dosa, which is 2 feet wide! I also tried their plain dosa which tasted so purely amazing. Also, their idlis are delicious. They provide 3 kinds of chutneys plus sambar, all of which is incredibly tasty! I have also heard that their lunch thali is quite great! 5/5 must visit!!

The Smoothie Bar:
I went to The Smoothie Bar, just to quench my thirst in the unbearable heat. I took the most extra Kitkat-Chocolate milkshake. Obviously, it tasted like heaven. For the quantity, I think the price was justifiable. You can check this out. It’s a 4/5 from me!

Zuka is a famous food outlet in Pondicherry. It is famous for all of its chocolate products & especially their hot chocolate. After a lot of cycling, I took a break & went here to have a hot chocolate. It comes in a small cup with a chocolate spoon which dissolves in the hot cup after stirring. The taste was quite nice. But, given the quantity, it was quite expensive.
There were many chocolates there, which were also expensive. But, you can check out this place just for fun. It’s a 3.5/5, if you ask me.

Café Xtasy:
This café is popular for its wood-fired pizzas, which is why I went there. There are a lot of options in veg as well as non-veg. There are also a lot of options as to the size of the pizza. I had pizza & lemon iced tea. Unfortunately, none of these were good. This was the place which gave me food poisoning & sea full of regrets. It will be a 1/5 definitely.

These restaurants were on my list, but I didn’t get a chance to go there. You can check them out. All these are known for French food – Baker Street, Café des Arts, Farm Fresh. Some of the high-end restaurants are Coromandel Café, Storyteller’s Bar, Villa Helena.

There are some amazing choices of restaurants in Auroville as well. All these are must-tries - Marc’s Café, Bread & Chocolate & Tanto Pizzeria.

Well, it feels incredibly amazing to pour out months’ worth of research into these blogs & I sincerely hope it was helpful. I hope you choose wisely so as to avoid getting sick, missing out on places & so on!!
Have you been to Pondicherry? Let me know of the places if I have missed any!!
Until next time,

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