Friday, 10 May 2019

Hippie - A Thought Provoking Novel.

Hello Readers! I have read 12 books this year & I'm very proud about it! I had a target of reading 19 & looks like I'm going to read a lot more than that. It feels truly amazing. Page after page, book after book. It is so illuminating. So much to learn from every single one. My latest read was Paulo Coelho's Hippie.

When it comes to Paulo Coelho, I'm already 100% biased & I cannot keep an open mind. Because he's one of my favorite authors! He's brilliant. He writes so eloquently & so easily takes the reader into an entirely different universe. He makes us swim even when we can't. He makes us fly even when we don't have wings. He makes us dream about life & death. And more so, he opens our minds to so many perspectives which we never would've even imagined! Hippie is such another masterpiece. Sure, it has its ups and downs. But, what a story!
It's inspired from Paulo Coelho's own life. Along with a woman named Karla, he takes the Magic Bus to travel the world. From Amsterdam to Nepal. Fascinating isn't it? That's the base story and it revolves around the life of a hippie. Travel. Music. Drugs. Alcohol. Sufism. Dance. Independence. Solitude. Companionship. And what not.

It's kind of my rule to not review amazing books because I'm not worthy of doing that. So, instead, this post contains some of the amazing quotes from the book. Hope you like these & go ahead to read the book.

"Love is to allow everything. To not spending your time thinking about the sunrise or enchanted forests, to not swim against the current, to allow yourself to be filled with joy. That, for me, is what it means to love.
It's to maintain your freedom, but in such a way that the person at your side never feels trapped by this. It's a calm, serene thing, I'd even say it's solitary in some way. Love for love's sake, for no other reason - such as marriage, children, money."

"Sufism recognizes a single truth: nothing is divisible, the visible and the invisible are one, each of us is merely an illusion in flesh and bone."

"If we stay quiet for an hour, we'll begin to hear God. But if we cry out with joy, God will also hear us and come down to bless us."

"I think sleeping is a way of talking to God through our dreams."

"A life without love isn't worth living. What is a life without love? It's a tree that bears no fruit. It's sleeping without dreaming. At times, it's even an inability to sleep. It's living one day after another waiting for the sun to shine into a room that is completely shut up, painted black, where you know where the key is but have no desire to open the door and go out."

"The more we allow the world in, the more we receive - be it love, be it hate."

"I love you and I'm not looking to explain my feelings."

"All she'd ever done in her life was outrun others, but she would never be able to outrun herself."

"She wanted everything to change, but was incapable of changing herself."

"She wished they could see her for her beauty, but all anyone ever saw was the hurricane, and they never sought shelter from it. They preferred to flee to safer ground."

In case, you are a loyal reader & actually read all of these quotes, you must have already downloaded or ordered the book, I hope! I will try to write a couple more posts about some of the books I have read by Nora Ephron. And, I will get to writing my Kochi travel posts soon enough as well! Stay tuned!!
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