Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Reviewing the 19 Things To Do in 2019!

After I posted the June Book Haul post, it made me dive right back into reading & how glad I am for it! At the beginning of the year, I made a list to do 19 Things in 2019. And, now that half the year has already gone by in a jiffy, I thought of reviewing these goals & checking progress.

1.       Read 19 books.
I am well ahead on this goal as I have already read 16 books so far! You can check some of the reviews here. Now that there are still more than 6 months to go, I think it’s only fair to increase the target.
Revised Goal: Read 30 Books

2.      Plan 3 trips.
This is already achieved. It sure feels like my trips to Pondicherry & Kochi were way long back. And, there are still 57 days for my Jaipur trip! I’m quite content with this much travelling. But, if time permits, I will try to go to one more place by year-end.
Revised Goal: Plan 4 trips

3.      Write 50 blog posts.
This is the 27th post this year. So far so good! I don’t plan on increasing the target of blog posts. Everything is going smoothly so far, I don’t want to increase the target & then come up with shitty posts that have nothing to do with either travel or books or story writing. (Probably like this one?) So, sticking with the Big 50!

4.     Wealth:
I haven’t focused quite as much here. I saved for the first 2 months & a bit last month, but nothing as I had planned. I tend to spend a lot over books, food & travel. It is money well spent, but it still makes me guilty for not increasing my savings.

5.      Health:
Not much focus here either. I started walking & exercising, then I stopped. And it has been an on-off relationship. I’m definitely going to try to improve on this front.


6.      Listen to one TED Talk every week:
I am ecstatic that I decided to do this! I listen to one TED Talk on every Thursday & this exercise has brightened up my week. I have listened to 24 TED Talks so far. Some of them were quite enlightening, some were witty, some hit home & some were just for fun. You can check them out on Twitter or LinkedIn with the hashtag #OneTEDTalkperweek !

7.      Doodle once every week:
I haven’t been extremely rigorous on this as I am with watching TED Talks, but doodling really helps. It reduces my anxiety & improves my concentration. Plus, it’s fun! Whatever I draw is not original. I look at pictures on Pinterest or Instagram & draw those. I have doodled 26 times this year, which is a good enough number.

8.     Improve photography skills:
I finally checked all the features of my DSLR & tried out new things. While I have learned a few things, there is still a lot to do.

9.      Learn one recipe every month:
It is amazing how easy it is to learn something when you do it step by step & at your own pace. I have learned 7 recipes so far, already ahead on my goal. So far, I have learnt to make Upma, Khichadi, varan-Bhaat, Cheese Onion Grilled Sandwich, Veg Hakka Noodles, Idli & Mashed Potatoes. I can definitely survive on this.
Revised Goal: Learn 18 recipes this year.

10.  Donate books & clothes:
Check on this! I donated a lot of my clothes & few of my books to those who needed it more. It sure feels good!

11.    Focus on relationships:
So far, so good!
I had planned to do 3 courses; HRBP course, literature course & Adobe Photoshop. I haven’t done any of these. To be honest, I don’t think it is possible to take the first 2 courses this year. It doesn’t feel like the right time. Instead of those two, I am going to complete the previous 2 courses!

15.   Go to a concert or music festival:
No progress here. None of my favourite artists have been to India so far. If I can’ attend a music festival or a concert, I will go to watch Stand Up Comedy.

16.  Go out more:
Definitely doing good on this front. I have been trying to make plans with people, taking initiative, so it’s not my fault that the plan never materializes. But, yeah, I did go to a few cool places. I went to Kala Ghoda Arts Festival in February. I went to the Pani Puri Festival last month. Both were pretty fun experiences.

17.   Do things alone:
Doing things alone involved shopping alone, eating in a restaurant alone, watching a movie alone & travelling alone. Only one to go!! Shopping done. Eating in a restaurant done. Travelling done.

18.  Go for camping:
There were many opportunities to do this. But, every weekend I caved & stayed home. Surely going to complete this by year end!


19.  Do something you are scared of:
Yet to figure this out!!

So, mid year, I have managed to complete almost 10 things! I really hope I complete everything by year end!!
Until next time,

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