Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Travel Bucket List!!

As I follow more travel bloggers, more I realize that every person has their own style of travelling. I read Shivya Nath’s book, ‘A Shooting Star’. She has such an amazing perspective on travelling. The world is her home. She seeks out the lesser known but equally breath taking places, which is why she gets stunning views & much lesser crowds. I follow Trishita (overrated outcast) on Instagram & she has got a whole other awesome style of travelling. Hers is more of photography-based travelling. She updates everything on her Instagram story & shares a few good posts. You will get to know the best cafes to visit & must-visit places in all the cities she travels to. It’s quite a different way from Shivya’s but equally exciting!

Sometimes I enjoy Shivya’s stories about the locals, while sometimes I am grateful for Trishita’s restaurant recommendations. Because of such different patterns, I am quite okay with the way I travel. It is extremely basic & I leave little scope for uncertainty or last-minute adventure disguised as chaos. But, that’s me, you know? I need to be sure. So, I plan everything down to details. And, I love the certainty that comes along with it. I don’t have great stories from locals. I don’t get amazing photos. I am just happy if the trip goes as planned & I get to see everything I wanted. Simple.
This was on my mind since quite some time now, so I wanted to get it out. All of you with your individual travel styles & preferences, you are all awesome.
It’s not boring to plan everything. It’s not rash to not plan anything. Just follow the travel style that vibes best with you & you’ll end up having a lot of fun!
Keeping that in mind, I wanted to share my Travel Bucket List with you all! I really hope I get to visit these places by next year!! You can check some of the other Travel posts on my blog here!

Hampi is a small city of ruins in Karnataka. It is among UNESCO’s world heritage sites. It seems like a small city with nothing much to see, but there are so many places to visit! There are a few famous temples of architectural significance, including Vithala temple & Virupaksha temple. There are a few view points from hills. Elephant’s Stables are also quite intriguing. You can also visit Hippie Island, which is one of the things I really want to do soon! All these stone sculptures in these archaeological ruins have a beauty of their own.

I think by now everyone is aware of my ultimate love for Rajasthan. I visited Udaipur last year & I was stunned by its beauty & grace. This year, I’m going to Jaipur in August. I cannot wait for this trip!
So, naturally, Jodhpur & Jaisalmer are also in my travel bucket list. Udaipur is the City of Lakes. Jaipur is the Pink City. Jodhpur is the Blue City. Jaisalmer is the Golden City. This in its basic way states the beauty of Rajasthan. I hope of going to these places early next year!

Ever since I have seen a few photos of these Islands, I have been awestruck. It is so beautifully stunning! I can imagine staying here for a week only to relax! How amazing would it be to stay in caves in front of the ocean? I don’t plan on going here any time soon though. Probably in a few years!

I am not really a fan of the mountains. I went to Sikkim & Darjeeling last December & after that I needed a break from mountains & also the cold. But, surely, if someone would have nudged me, I’d have planned a Leh Ladakh trip this April or May. Nevertheless, there’s always next year. This is probably not on my priority list, but definitely some day!!

I have never travelled internationally. When you have all kinds of beautiful places in your country, then, I ask, why the hurry for international tours? I’d go to a month-long trip to Rajasthan any day over a week-long trip to Europe. You got to stay & let the place get into you before you flee back home! So, after so much of thinking, I think I’d love to visit Sri Lanka. It’s more or less like South India & also so beautiful. Recently, many of the travel bloggers I follow visited Sri Lanka. They made me gloriously want to visit it too. I need to save a lot for this trip so it’s at the end of my travel bucket list for now.

That is all for now. These are the main places in my mind that I really want to see. Do you know of any offbeat places to visit in monsoons in India? Or any travel suggestions? Let me know in the comments below!
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