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Jaipur Journals! (Part 1)

Hello Readers & fellow travelers! I recently went to Jaipur for 4D/3N & such an amazing trip it turned out to be! I went with my friend Suruchi this time, which was a lot of fun! We visited MANY places, clicked an outrageous amount of photos created memories  that will last a lifetime. I cannot wait to tell you all about it!

So, after a lot of thought, I decided to write 4 posts for Jaipur. This one is more of an introduction. Next two will be places you can explore in Jaipur & the last one will be restaurant recommendations! You can have a glimpse at my trip on Instagram account, under Jaipur Highlights! I insist you do that first, because I took a lot of effort in capturing the perfect story. Now, let’s go!!



Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan state. It is a tourist destination & has recently acquired a place in one of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites. A small part in Jaipur is famously known as the Pink City where you will find all the buildings & stores in pink or light brown colour. It has the most beautiful impact when you roam around these streets & also when you view it from a fort. All these streets are similar with similar colours & structure & yet there is so much uniqueness to it. I loved that about Jaipur. While some part of it looks like a modern city, there is also this other part which is so full of heritage to give you the real Jaipur feeling.

Since Jaipur is the capital city, it is well connected by all means of transport. We flew from Mumbai to Jaipur, which is quite a feasible option. You can also travel by train which has a stop at Jaipur. You can also travel by bus.

While roaming within Jaipur, taking a cab is the best option. There are a lot of places to visit & most of them are far away from each other. This is why travelling from a 2-wheeler is not the best idea. There are also uphill roads & ghats, which is why rickshaw is not ideal either. We went by car which was for Rs. 1600 per day. We were lucky to get a good driver because people drive like crazy in Jaipur. A lot of rash driving, honking, no lane discipline whatsoever & a lot of impatience. He gave us good suggestions throughout our stay. If you want his details, let me know in the comments below!

We had booked a room at Krishna Palace well in advance. After thoroughly searching for options on AirBnB, we found this place ideal for us. The location is perfect; not too far from the city & not too close either. It is situated just off the main lane, so it is just secluded enough from the traffic & noise in the city. There is also street food like kachori, kulfi, pani puri etc at a 10-minutes walking distance. They have a rental taxi which is the option we opted for. Everyone is quite helpful & the service is quick.

The Palace has a nice aesthetic look of a haveli. It is a heritage hotel which is recommended by Lonely Planet. Our room was spacious for 2 people with amenities like air conditioner, television & WiFi. The beds were comfortable & roomy. They have a restaurant attached providing room service. The room along with the washroom was extremely clean. The room is for Rs. 1350 per night.
You can check out the place here. I will definitely recommend it for your stay in Jaipur.

On the first day, since our flight was delayed, we couldn’t roam around much. We only visited The Patrika Gate. Now, our ride from the Airport till the hotel was a nice sunny ride. But, after changing & freshening up, the moment we stepped out, it was raining. Naturally, I was pissed. We still went to Patrika Gate & that was probably the best decision, because the beauty of that place set our moods right back on track!

Patrika Gate is the only place which is 30 minutes south from the city. All other places are in the north part of the city. So, it was sensible for us to go only to Patrika Gate on Day 1. There are 7 Gates in Jaipur & this one is the most beautiful. It has many paintings drawn on it. It is very colourful which makes it a hot spot for photographers. You can take a lot of photos here. It is crowded so it will take time to get that perfect click.

Check out some of the photos below!

Other Details:
·        30 Minutes from City Palace
·        Open 24/7
·        No Entry fees
·        Takes 30-45 minutes to explore.

That was our Day One in Jaipur. Jaipur invited us with a lot of things. Flight Delays. Continuous Rains. Swiggy delivered dinner. Change of plans. But despite it all, we were happy to embrace Jaipur. At the end of the day, we were thrilled for the next day’s adventures, no matter how tired we felt.

Until next time,

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