Monday, 5 August 2019

Uncertainties of Travel.

Hi Travellers! As you all know, I’m travelling to Jaipur in 9 days! Permission to get excited! Yayyyy!!!!!!!!!! Ok, still not out of my system, but that’s okay! I am going to Jaipur in August with one of my best friends – Suruchi. I know travelling sounds like a lot of fun, but it also comes with a lot of stress, especially, if you are a traveler like me, who plans everything. I have to know that I covered all the amazing places. I need to get Instagram-worthy shots! Just have to! So, I plan.

Because of this obsession, we booked our flight tickets & accommodation 4 months before the trip. Can you believe that? In addition, we (I) planned the entire trip, to every last minute of it. Because that is just how I roll! I love everything there is to planning a trip. And, then, when everything does not go as per plan, obviously it breaks my heart & completely ruins my mood. So, here we are! I just had to get all my worries (REAL & MADE-UP) out in the open, so that I won’t feel as tensed as I am this instant.

Having said that, there are going to be a LOT OF UNCERTAINTIES this time around. It has been raining like crazy since the last few weeks. Not just in Mumbai, but also in Jaipur. (Jaipur, which is close to the desert area, is facing a lot of rainfall exactly at the time of our trip. Irony!) If it rains in Jaipur the way it is raining today, we are doomed. We can just about forget sight-seeing then. And, if it rains crazier than today, our flight could get delayed or my worst fear – cancelled! Now, that is something I couldn’t possibly recover from. I cannot even think about it without crumbling to the floor.

Another pre-uncertainty that both Suruchi & I faced was shopping for the trip. Yes, shopping for the trip is different than shopping on the trip. Our favourite online store increased its delivery of order from 7 days to 22 days! Will the order even be here before the trip? What if the clothes don’t fit & I need to exchange it? Will it take another 22 days? Should I order from another site? But, other sites don’t know me as this one does! That is what went in my head, but thankfully, I got all amazing outfits for this trip, in time!

Obviously, I need 15 outfits for a 3.5-day trip. I mean, obviously I do! Tops! Bottoms! Dresses! 15 shades of lipsticks to match every outfit. At least 3 pairs of footwear, AT LEAST! Will I need my windcheater or should I take my umbrella or BOTH? Welcome to Crazy Town! But, over the years, my travelling experience has taught me that I can fit all of this in my one medium-sized suitcase. It will definitely fit when I am going. No guarantees while coming back!

Mentioning it again, we have planned everything; so obviously, restaurants! They are a key aspect of travel. We have planned on going to fancy places like Bar Palladio, Samode Haveli & chic places like Tapri, Peacock Rooftop. My worries are few. Will we get a seat at such amazing restaurants? Should I make reservations at all 7 restaurants a week prior? Should I have a backup restaurant for each of those 7 restaurants, JUST IN CASE? Yep. I sound like a sociopath. Anyway, I have already made the reservations. So, I will try to stay calm. What if reservations made so early don’t count? Okay, I will shut up about it now.

Enough about Hyperboles now. Yes, I am scared about rains more than anything. But, I will still enjoy in a different sense. No, I haven’t packed 15 outfits. Just 10. No, I haven’t made the restaurant reservations yet, because I will do those on Saturday. I might be crazy, but hopefully, just a normal amount. It sure feels like a load is lifted off my shoulders. All my worries are now out there in the universe. Yes, there are a lot of uncertainties with travel, but the only real thing I know is the Murphy’s law.
"Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.”
So, even after meticulously planning the trip, I have let my guard down. Things always go wrong. I cannot possibly do anything about it. All I can do is keep my mind open to these possibilities. I might not get to enjoy in the way I intended, but joy there will be for sure!

Thank you for listening! Heading off now!

PS: Please pray it doesn’t rain. J
Until next time,

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