Tuesday, 24 December 2019

2019 Year in Review!

Hi Readers!
I know it has been a while. More than a month! It’s not that I had been super busy or anything, it’s just that I did not have anything to say. But now that the year AND THE DECADE is about to end, I sure have a lot of thoughts. There will be quite a lot of Review Posts on here! Year in Review, Top 12 Posts of 2019, Top 12 Books I read in 2019 & 20 Things to do in 2020 & lastly all the travelogues from my trip to Dalhousie, Dharamshala & Amritsar! For now let’s start with what I accomplished of the 19 Things to do in 2019!

This was the Original Post: 19 Things to do in 2019
This was the mid-year Review: Reviewing the 19 Things to do in 2019
And now, here goes: Year in Review!

      1.       Original Goal: Read 19 Books.
Revised Goal: Read 30 Books
Goal Achieved: Read 40 Books!
The reason I had kept a small target of 19 books was because I had read really less in 2018. And, when it came to books, I did not want to lose. But, here we are now & I read 40 books this year! I am so proud of myself for this! Wait till you see what I have planned for next year when it comes to reading! And, before that, there’s a special post coming with my 2019 favourite books!

      2.      Original Goal: Plan 3 trips
Revised Goal: Plan 4 trips
Goal Achieved: Planned 6 trips
I am not the one to shy away from my accomplishments. I planned 6 trips & visited 9 places this year! It was amazing, exhilarating & fulfilling. Yet, it was also tiring & expensive. So, there is going to be a drastic change for travel next year.

      3.      Original Goal: Write 50 blog posts
Goal Achieved/Will Achieve: 56 blog posts
From the above two things, I get main content for my blog posts, that is, book reviews & travel journals. And, because I read a lot and also travelled a lot, I was easily able to write more than 50 blog posts. This number is going to remain the same for the next year.

      4.     Wealth:
I didn’t do as well as I had hoped. I did save money, but quite inconsistently & not in all the months. Few months I did way too much shopping, but these past few months, I did save a lot. This is something I definitely need to work on.

      5.      Health:
I think I did well. Be it an on-off relationship, but I did my part. Exercising, doing Yoga, walking & so on. But, of course, it needs to be more consistent. Getting fit is going to be a priority in 2020.


      6.      Listen to one TED Talk every week:
Done! I listened to 52 TED Talks this year & I’m beyond proud that I kept it up. #OneTedTalkPerWeek
      7.      Doodle once every week:
I actually did a level up on this. Apart from the 52 doodles this year, I also successfully completed the Inktober Challenge! This continues in the next year!
      8.      Improve photography skills - More or less done.
      9.      Learn one recipe every month - Done! Learnt 13 recipes this year!
      10.   Donate books & clothes - Done!
      11.    Focus on relationships - Done, doing & always do!

Both courses completed! Alas, I couldn’t do an Adobe Photoshop workshop.

15. Go to a concert/music festival/play - Done! Saw The Kite Runner Play
16. Go out more - Did my best!
17. Do things alone -Happily done!
18. Go for camping - Goal not accomplished.
19. Do something you’re scared of - Goal not accomplished.

From the 19 things, I couldn’t accomplish 3 things, which I suppose is all right. Some of the things I did achieve are way more important than the ones I didn’t. Watching a TED Talk every week not only helped me increase my knowledge, but also increased my ability to commit to watching it every week, without fail! I actually looked forward to TED Thursdays. Because I learnt a few basic recipes, I saved a lot of takeout food money.

I’m incredibly happy with this progress & I have decided to continue it in the next year! After a few 2019 Round Up posts, I will soon share my 20 Things to do in 2020! Stay tuned!
Until next time,

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