Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Thank You, 2019!

Hi Readers! This post is an addition to all the Year Review posts. I realized that when I reviewed the 19 Things to do in 2019, I was being way too practical & realistic. It was more work than fun. And then, today I read something I had written exactly one year ago – Thank You,2018. After reading that post, I felt really happy. Like I had actually achieved something.
In that one year old post, I quote-

“It was a good year. I know I keep saying ‘good’, because I just want to be honest. I really hope a year from now, I can say that I had a ‘great’ year.”

And then, I reflected more about the year & indeed turns out, I had a ‘great’ year.

Reading these past posts & then comparing those to the present is so important. Whether you are doing better or worse, that comparison is important. It helps to set clearer & more ambitious goals. It helps better prepare yourself for the next year. And then, it also helps in having some fun in between of achieving these goals. If we can check out Year on Year performance almost every day at work, then why not in our personal life as well? This is why, I did a bit of retrospection & thought of this 2019 Photo Post!

Until next time,

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